International Logan Trailer Has New Scenes, More Violence
As is sometimes the case, a big Hollywood movie will cut a separate trailer aimed at international audiences, because they tend to be a little more tolerant of questionable content versus those of us in the States.
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The Logan Trailer Is Brutal, Vicious and Outstanding
Following yesterday's six-second tease, the first Logan trailer has finally arrived. Check it out!
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Watch A Tiny Bit Of The Logan Trailer Right Now
After 16 years in the role of Marvel's mighty mutant, Logan will (allegedly) be the actor's last feature wearing the Wolverine claws, and he looks to be going out with a loose adaptation of a popular storyline Old Man Logan.
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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Now Has A U.S. Trailer, And It's Incredible
Marvel is starting to drop its Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 footage at a fast and furious clip. Minutes after a Russian version of the first teaser trailer for Guardians 2 landed, a cleaner U.S. version featuring Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Drax (Dave Bautista) speaking in a language you can now understand landed on the Web. Here it is!
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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Just Got A Foreign Trailer And It's Weird And Worth Watching
This reportedly is the first official international trailer for Gunn's Guardians sequel. It's in Russian. It relies heavily on a song from the first movie. It's... weird. Give it a spin.
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New Assassin’s Creed Trailer Finally Brings The Game To Life On Screen
A seriously badass new trailer for the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie has finally hit the web, and the movie finally looks exactly like the game. Check it out!
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The Army Of One Trailer Features Nic Cage... Trying To Murder Osama Bin Laden... By Himself
Watch Nic Cage try to hunt down Osama Bin Laden in a brand new trailer for his upcoming film, Army of One.
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Alec Baldwin Trades Donald Trump Impressions For Dirty Diapers In The Boss Baby Trailer
Animation appears to be going through something of a renaissance as several studios are putting out successful projects. Now Dreamworks has unveiled their follow-up to next months' Trolls with The Boss Baby.
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New Fantastic Beasts Video Hints At A Major Tie-In To The Harry Potter Universe
IMAX is hosting a major fan event in anticipation of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them today. At the start, Warner Bros. dropped a new video, which features footage from the Harry Potter spinoff...
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The Final Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Is Exciting, Rebellious And Filled With Hope
We're only two months away from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's release, so what better way to mark the occasion than with a brand new trailer? Take a look!
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Watch Natalie Portman’s Fascinating Jackie Trailer, Obsess Over The Way She Says Camelot
Portman's performance in Jackie as Jacqueline Kennedy during the final days of Camelot -- including the assassination of her husband, and the difficult days that followed -- have her back in the Academy Award conversation, and after this debut trailer, we can understand why.
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Jordan Peele’s Get Out Trailer Is Disturbing And Bizarre, Watch It Now
Comedian and actor Jordan Peele is stepping into the world of horror with the upcoming film Get Out, and it looks absolutely horrifying.
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Mark Wahlberg's Patriots Day Trailer Is Harrowing And Emotional, Watch It Now
Patriots Day just dropped its first official trailer, and its somber and chilling. Check it out now.
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First Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Trailer Centers On Javier Bardem's Terrifying Villain
While Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow was only a supporting character in the original Pirates of the Caribbean, the sequels decided to put the bumbling drunk front and center. So where is he now?
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Full Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Trailer Is Dark And Beautiful, Watch It Now
The newest trailer for the next adventure in the Wizarding World has been released, and finally gives a good look at all those fantastic beasts.
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New Doctor Strange Trailer Packs In Fantastic New Footage Of Magic And Sorcery
"The Avengers protect the world from physical dangers. We safeguard it against more mystical threats." With that line of dialogue, Marvel Studios tries to declare, with certainty, how its fourteenth feature film, Doctor Strange, will stand apart from everything that came before it.
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Denzel Washington And Viola Davis Look Like Sure-Fire Oscar Contenders In First Fences Trailer
Denzel Washington's movie adaptation of the play Fences just got its first teaser, and he and Viola Davis are giving some insane performances. Check it out.
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This Bad Santa 2 Red-Band Trailer Is Filthy, Hilarious And Totally NSFW
A brand new red-band trailer for the upcoming Bad Santa sequel has just hit the web, and it's even ruder than you think. Check it out!
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Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence's Passengers Trailer Is Mysterious And Fascinating, Watch It Now
After years of waiting, Passengers is finally entering our atmosphere, and we've got the trailer to prove it. Prepare to be blown away by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's spectacular space journey, inside.
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Annabelle 2 Trailer Is Here To Send Serious Chills Down Your Spine
This has been a huge year for the Conjuring franchise. Not only was James Wan's The Conjuring 2 a smash hit in theaters this summer, but a brand new spin-off was announced in The Nun, which is in active development.
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