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Guess who isn't in the sequel to The Mask? Jim Carrey. That's really all anyone should need to know when wondering whether or not Son of the Mask will be any good. But if you're still uncertain, may I present Exhibit A: Son of the Mask: The Teaser Trailer.

Apparently Jim Carrey has been replaced by the dancin baby from Ally McBeal. You know, the annoying little cgi twerp that all your friends kept sending you over and over again via e-mail, long after you begged them to stop. Well, it looks like he has a new gig. God help us.

Never have I seen any trailer so poorly received. The first time I saw this teaser, it was in front of Return of the King, with an audience of Lord of the Rings fans, coming off a high generated by the fantastic Spider-Man 2 trailer they'd just ran before it. This one was greeted with boos and jeers. Granted, I started the booing, but I can't be held responsible for everyone else joining in. I'd swear I saw more than one person actually covering their eyes to avoid the pain of watching this thing. I hate it. They hated it. You will hate it. It isn't much of a stretch to predict that we will all also hate the movie.

Watching the trailer for Son of the Mask is as close as you can get to being shot in the face without using any bullets. Making a Mask sequel without Jim Carrey makes about as much sense as putting together a Dumb and Dumber sequel without Carrey or Daniels. Oh, they did that already, didn't they?

The only thing that could make this worse, were Carrey actually to be in it. Then not only would we have a steaming pile of dung, but we'd have a steaming pile of dung clinging to Jim Carrey's up till now, pretty solid career. I mean, at least up until today he's avoided acting with dancin Ally McBeal babies (I wonder if Calista makes Harrison Ford do the baby dance on weekends?). Sadly, the same can't be said for Jamie Kennedy, the talentless boob powering this particular sequel. Oh, and a quick message for Alan Cumming: You are Nightcrawler! You don't have to do shit movies anymore.

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