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Why Empire's Big Season 5 Death Could Actually Be A Good Thing

A death is on the way to Empire that promises to be both game-changing and heartbreaking, but the latest episode raises the question: could the death be a good thing?

Outlander Reveals New Details And A First Look At Claire And Jamie In Season 5

The fifth season of Outlander is on the way, and now Starz has revealed a cozy first look at Jamie and Claire along with some new details about next season.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Finale Will Finally Introduce Another Member Of Pride’s Family

The Season 5 finale of NCIS: New Orleans will be a family affair for Pride.

How Stranger Things And Bob Newby Impacted Sean Astin's New Netflix Show

Sean Astin made his return to live-action Netflix with No Good Nick, and he shared some ways Stranger Things and Bob Newby influenced the new show.

Did The Flash Reveal The First Crisis On Infinite Earths Footage?

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" is coming to The CW in the fall, but The Flash may have already debuted the first footage.

Star Wars Rebels’ Freddie Prinze Jr. Decided Kanan Had To Die In Season 4

The final season of Star Wars Rebels delivered a huge death, and voice actor Freddie Prinze Jr. was into it.

How Game Of Thrones Changed My Mind About Who Should Win The Iron Throne

I was pretty committed to my theories about how Game of Thrones should end... until the Season 8 premiere changed my mind.

Does Arrow's Black Siren Twist Mean The Loss Of Another Major Character?

The big Birds of Prey-esque episode of Arrow finally aired, and it delivered a Black Siren twist that could mean the loss of another major character moving forward.

Legends Of Tomorrow Explained Hank's Villainy In The Most Amazingly Ridiculous Way

Hank Heywood was killed in last week's episode, and now Legends of Tomorrow explained what drove him as a bad guy. In true Legends of Tomorrow fashion, the explanation is amazingly ridiculous.

Criminal Minds Alum Shemar Moore Will Return To The Young And The Restless For A Touching Arc

The former Criminal Minds star will return to his former daytime TV stomping grounds for a reason that should satisfy longtime fans.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Already Made History Despite Early Episode Leak

Game of Thrones returned to the airwaves, and so did an awful lot of viewers.

Why Winterfell May Be Doomed In Game Of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones finally returned for its Season 8 premiere, and the big episode may have revealed that Winterfell is doomed. Here's why.

The Most Improved Game of Thrones Characters

Not every character on Game of Thrones made the best first impression, but some lucky characters managed to improve a lot as we got to see more of their stories.

Wait, Did Supernatural Just Kill Off A Major Character For Good?

Supernatural is infamous for bringing back the characters it killed off, but latest big death really seems like it's going to stick.

Game Of Thrones: We Recorded Sean Watching Every Episode For The First Time

The return of Game of Thrones promises to be the TV event of the year, and CinemaBlend's Sean O'Connell watched every episode for the very first time to prepare. Don't worry, he's still alive.

NCIS Renewed For Season 17, But What About Los Angeles And New Orleans?

The mothership of the NCIS franchise just got some great news, but now the question is what's up with NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans.

Modern Family's Big Wedding Episode Could Have Gone Very Differently

Haley and Dylan finally got hitched on Modern Family, but the co-creator explains that the Haley's wedding could have gone very differently.

Why Cookie's Big Secret Could Mean Disaster For Empire

Cookie is keeping a big secret on Empire, and the latest episode indicated some ways that secret could backfire spectacularly.

SNL's Kate McKinnon Is Heading To Hulu For An Unexpected New TV Show

Kate McKinnon is branching out from SNL, and not how many probably could have seen coming.

Does Gibbs Need A Break From NCIS?

Leading the agents on NCIS is no easy job, and recent events could suggest that Gibbs needs a break.

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