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Is Outlander Season 4 Moving Way Too Fast?

Outlander is almost at the midway point of Season 4, and the question has arisen: is the show moving faster than it should?

Watch Family Guy's Hilariously Touching Tribute To Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was a memorable part of Family Guy over the years, and the show has released a touching and hilarious tribute to the late actress.

NCIS: New Orleans Is Bringing In A Star Trek Vet For A Guest Role

Star Trek fans can look forward to a familiar face in an upcoming episode of NCIS: New Orleans.

The Talk Reveals Julie Chen's Replacement As Co-Host

Julie Chen left The Talk back in September in the wake of scandal, and the show has now named her official replacement.

Legacies Showrunner Julie Plec Explained The Big Caroline Reveal

The latest episode of Legacies dropped a bombshell about what Caroline is up to, and Julie Plec has explained why it happened.

Supernatural: What Castiel's Sacrifice Means For The Winchesters' Battle Against Michael

Good old Castiel made a big sacrifice in the latest episode of Supernatural, and it could impact the Winchesters in some big ways.

Why Chicago Fire's Showrunner Expected Fans To Be Mad After The Midseason Finale

The midseason finale of Chicago Fire was packed with twists, and the showrunner revealed some reasons why he expected fans to be upset.

Did Empire Just Confirm Which Major Character Is Going To Die?

The big death has been looming over Empire all season, and the midseason finale may have revealed who is going to bite the dust.

4 Wild Gotham Theories We Have After Watching New Season 5 Video

New footage of Gotham's fifth season has released, and we have some wild theories about what it could all mean.

Daredevil Was One Of Netflix's Top 5 Shows When Cancelled, According To Report

The cancellation of Daredevil shocked many, and a new report about the show's popularity makes the decision even more shocking.

Lethal Weapon Midseason Trailer Reveals An Interrupted Wedding And More Craziness

Check out what's in store when Lethal Weapon returns in 2019!

Did The Flash Just Reveal Reverse-Flash As The Real Big Bad Of Season 5?

The Flash just aired its milestone 100th episode, and it raised a question about Reverse-Flash definitely worth pondering. Is he the real big bad?

Friends' Netflix Streaming Situation Has Been Resolved For Now

Netflix gave Friends fans a scare this week, but the situation has been resolved. Here's how.

The Halo TV Series Just Hit Yet Another Setback

Fans may be waiting even longer for the already long-awaited Halo TV series. Here's why.

Did The Good Doctor Midseason Finale Reveal A Major Character Is Going To Die?

The Good Doctor's Season 2 midseason finale ended on some doozies of cliffhangers that could point to at least one big death coming up.

Legends Of Tomorrow Midseason Finale Trailer Reveals Why The Legends Aren't In The Elseworlds Crossover

We've known for a while that Legends of Tomorrow wouldn't be part of the crossover, and the midseason finale trailer will help you understand why.

How Arrow Found A Way For Oliver To Continue As The Green Arrow

Oliver is finally out of prison, and the latest episode found an unexpected way for him to return to his Green Arrow role.

Arrow Revealed The Identity Of The New Green Arrow, And Wow
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Star Says The Team's New Director Will Be Making Some Tough Decisions

The new S.H.I.E.L.D. director has some big shoes to fill, and one star has already stated that it won't be easy.

Outlander Finally Delivered A Reunion We've Been Waiting For

The latest episode of Outlander featured something many fans have been anticipating for a long time.

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