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Arrow Season 7 Premiere: The New Green Arrow May Not Be Who We Expected

Arrow is back for its seventh season, and Oliver's replacement might not be the guy we all thought it would be.

How Long The Flash Will Keep Barry's Big Secret In Season 5

Barry is keeping a big secret on The Flash, and one star weighed in on how long he'll keep in.

The Walking Dead May Have Revealed How Maggie Leaves The Series

Maggie is on her way out of the zombie apocalypse, and The Walking Dead may have revealed how it happens.

New Arrow-verse Crossover Photo Shows A Black-Suited Superman

Superman is coming to the Arrow-verse crossover, and he'll have a brand new look. Check it out!

Supergirl Season 4 Premiere: Kara’s Terrifying New Villain Will Take More Than Superpowers To Defeat

The fourth season of Supergirl kicked off with a premiere that revealed a new king of villain Kara won't just be able to freeze-breath or fry into submission.

Ryan Gosling Recalls Working With Britney Spears On The Mickey Mouse Club

Former Mickey Mouse Club star Ryan Gosling recently shared about his days working with fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears.

Iron Fist Cancelled After Two Seasons On Netflix

Netflix has bad news for fans of iron Fist.

Who Are Arrow's Longbow Hunters? Here's What We Know From The Comics

Arrow is introducing the mysterious Longbow Hunters as villains, and here's what DC Comics tells us about them.

Gotham's Joker Mystery Got Weirder Thanks To Netflix Subtitles

The potential Joker plot on Gotham has thickened.

One Arrow Villain Could Be Around A Lot More In Season 7

Season 7 is probably going to feature a lot more of a particular Arrow bad guy.

Supernatural Premiere Spoilers: How Sam And Castiel Are Dealing With Dean's Loss In Season 14

The Season 14 premiere of Supernatural revealed how Cas and Sam are dealing with Dean's absence, and... it's not good.

What To Expect From Titans' Superheroes, According To The Stars

Titans is delivering some big superheroes to the small screen, and the stars weighed in on what to expect.

Wild Theory: What If The Arrow-verse Crossover Is Introducing The Joker?

The upcoming Arrow-verse crossover is adding a bunch of traditional Batman characters; could the Joker be one of them?

Why Supergirl Is Giving New Villain Agent Liberty An Origin Story

Supergirl's next villain will have a backstory for an interesting reason.

Chicago Fire Spoilers: One Character's Big Promotion Means Trouble For Chief Boden

One character's good news could mean bad news for Chief Boden.

Riverdale Premiere Spoilers: What Archie's Verdict Means For The Rest Of Season 3

The verdict is in for Archie, and it means big things for the rest of the new season.

DC Comics' Secret Six Series In The Works At CBS

Another comics-based series is in the works, and this one could bring DC's Secret Six to primetime.

Freaks And Geeks Star Busy Philipps Says James Franco Was A Bully, Threw Her On The Ground

Busy Philipps shared an unpleasant story about James Franco from their time together on Freaks and Geeks.

Yellowstone TV Show Targeted By PETA For Allegedly Using Mutilated Cow Corpses
The Middle's Patricia Heaton Just Landed A New CBS Show

Patricia Heaton is already heading back to the small screen after The Middle.

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