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Sesame Street's Stranger Things Parody Is Hilarious And Adorable, Check It Out

Sesame Street has a history of tackling TV shows and movies with parodies, and the latest series to get the spoof treatment is none other than Netflix's smash hit Stranger Things. Check it out!

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Is Taking On The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

A scandal surrounding sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein has rocked the world in 2017, and Law & Order: SVU intends to tackle the scandal in an unexpected way.

Why Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Probably Staying In Space For A Long Time

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ended Season 5 on a crazy twist that revealed Coulson had been whisked away to outer space. We now have good reason to believe that the show will stay in space for a while.

New Outlander Photos Reveal Claire In The Aftermath Of That Big Cliffhanger

The last episode of Outlander ended on a killer cliffhanger that saw Claire taking a big leap of faith. Check out some photos that reveal just what happened to her in the aftermath.

New Arrow-verse Crossover Trailer Gives Closest Look At Earth-X Yet

The next big Arrow-verse crossover is only days away from debuting on The CW, and a brand new trailer has hit the web that gives the closest look yet at the horrifying Earth-X. Check it out!

Watch Jimmy Fallon And Adam Levine Rock Out The NYC Subway In Full Disguises

Adam Levine recently joined The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon in donning disguises and rocking the subway platform in New York City, and it was pretty awesome. Check out the video!

The Flash Confirmed One Of DC's Weirdest Villains Is In This Universe

The latest episode of The Flash delivered a whole lot of new info on the Thinker, but it also took the time to confirm that one of DC's weirdest bad guys actually exists in the Arrow-verse.

Will Ferrell And Molly Shannon Are Hosting A Bizarre Live New Year's Special For Amazon

The holiday season is upon us, and comedy legends Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon have found a way to ring in the new year that looks... kind of odd. Check out the promo!

Dancing With The Stars Season 25 Just Awarded The Mirrorball Trophy

Dancing with the Stars was intense in Season 25, with twists ranging from possible behind-the-scenes drama to injury. Now, one couple was finally awarded the Mirrorball Trophy.

The Partridge Family's David Cassidy Dead At 67

We have some very bad news for fans of David Cassidy. The Partridge Family star has passed away at the age of 67.

The Flash May Have Just Revealed How The Thinker Can Be Defeated

The Flash delved into the Thinker's backstory in the latest episode, and it may have revealed how Team Flash will be able to defeat him.

Why The Arrow-verse Crossover Was Difficult To Film, According To Melissa Benoist

The annual crossover event between the Arrow-verse is on the way, and Supergirl star Melissa Benoist has revealed one aspect of filming the crossover that was quite difficult.

Charlie Rose Fired By CBS News And PBS Due To Harassment Allegations

Charlie Rose is the latest high-profile person to face allegations of harassment, and he is already facing major professional consequences. Here's what happened.

The Good Place Renewed For Season 3 At NBC

We have some very good news for fans of The Good Place on NBC. The show will not be ending with Season 2.

Dancing With The Stars Just Made Its First Season 25 Finale Elimination

Dancing with the Stars completed the first half of its big two-part Season 25 finale by eliminating one of the final four couples. Here's who was voted out.

Supergirl Just Introduced A New Member Of The Legion Of Super-Heroes, And It's Already Complicated

Supergirl has been teasing the introduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes for a while now. The latest episode introduced an exciting member of the Legion, and it's already complicated.

Harley Quinn Is Getting Her Own TV Show, Here's What's Happening

One of the most popular characters of DC Comics is Harley Quinn, and she made a big splash in showbiz in Suicide Squad. Now she's headed back to the small screen for a show of her own. Read on for details.

Will Stranger Things Season 3 Bring Kali Back? Here's What The Creator Says

Stranger Things introduced a polarizing new character by the name of Kali in Season 2. Read on for what one of the Duffer brothers has to say about the possibility of her return in Season 3.

Epic New Agents Of SHIELD Trailer Has Us Worried About One Major Character, Watch It Now

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally set to return to ABC for Season 5 in just a couple more weeks, and a new trailer has hit the web that is conspicuously missing one major character. Check it out!

Watch The Flash, Supergirl And More Battle Their Nazi Doubles In Epic New Crossover Trailer

The next big superhero crossover is on the way, and the big trailer features the heroes of the Arrow-verse facing off against their evil doppelgangers. Check it out!

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