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Jeopardy Contestant's Fun Taco Bell Shout Out Got The Best Response From Taco Bell

A Jeopardy contestant got a big surprise after he dropped a shout-out to Taco Bell.

Why Supergirl May Need To Kill Off A Major Character

The latest episode of Supergirl may have revealed that somebody significant needs to die. Here's why.

Could The Flash Bring Killer Frost Back Somehow? Here's What The Showrunner Says

Killer Frost seemed gone for good at the end of The Flash's latest episode. The showrunner weighed in on whether she's gone for good.

How American Idol Is Changing Up Its Live Voting For The First Time

American Idol is doing something different with live voting this time around, and fans may just love it.

One Lethal Weapon Star's Alleged Misconduct Could Impact A Season 3 Renewal

Lethal Weapon's future on Fox may be in question due to some alleged misconduct.

3 Big Ways Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just Set Up The Destruction Of The World

The latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. revealed a few key ways the agents are getting closer and closer to witnessing the end of the world.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Cancelled At Starz, Will Not Return For Season 4

We have some unfortunate news for fans of Bruce Campbell, blood, and gore on Starz.

Tina Fey Surprised Some Of Her Biggest Fans, And Now We Need All The Tissues

Comedienne extraordinaire Tina Fey had a wonderful surprise for fans.

Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Hilariously Proved He Has No Clue What RuPaul's Drag Race Is

Tom Holland has some sizable gaps in his pop culture knowledge.

Why Gotham's Jeremiah May Be Way More Dangerous Than Jerome

Gotham's latest trailer may reveal why Jeremiah is more dangerous than his demented twin brother ever was.

Could Arrow Redeem Black Siren In Season 6?

The latest episode of Arrow raises the question of whether or not the show could redeem Black Siren.

Did Gotham Reveal How Bruce Wayne Becomes Batman?

The latest episode of Gotham may have revealed how the boy billionaire becomes the Dark Knight.

Westworld Used A Legit Robot To Promote Season 2, And Things Quickly Got Awkward

A shockingly lifelike robot was built to promote Westworld Season 2, and the result was some serious...well, awkwardness.

What Krypton's Big Villain Twist Means For The Show, According To The Showrunner

The latest episode of Krypton introduce a big-name bad guy who could be a very big deal.

Roseanne Beat The Walking Dead's Finale In The Ratings, And ABC Is Pumped

The Roseanne revival has been one of the hottest projects on television lately, and it managed to beat The Walking Dead.

Why Criminal Minds Season 13 Ended On That Crazy Cliffhanger

The Season 13 finale of Criminal Minds ended on a cliffhanger that is sure to drive fans crazy. The showrunner revealed why.

Watch Charles Barkley Hilariously Pranked With Bucket Of Water On Inside The NBA

Charles Barkley got himself pranked on TNT's Inside the NBA, and he ended up wet. Check it out!

Homeland Season 8 Will Be The Final Season, According To Claire Danes

Homeland is coming to an end on Showtime after the better part of a decade.

Netflix's GLOW Goes Totally Flashdance In Hilariously Cheesy Season 2 Video

A new GLOW video has hit the web and will give you a total Flashdance blast from the past.

What The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Thinks About Warring With Maggie In Season 9

Andrew Lincoln has weighed in on a major Maggie plot for next season.

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