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Chicago P.D. Vet Sophia Bush Just Got Cast In Another TV Role For 2019

Sophia Bush may not be on primetime with Chicago P.D. anymore, but she won't be gone from TV forever.

The Masked Singer Totally Shocked The Judges In First Double Elimination Episode

The latest episode of The Masked Singer saw two competitors eliminated, and it wasn't without its twists and turns.

Criminal Minds Just Cast Reid's New Love Interest, But What About JJ?

Reid's getting some love in the final season of Criminal Minds, but that might not be great news for JJ.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Cast List Leak Reveals Some Surprises

A cast list for the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones reveals some unexpected appearances.

LEGO Jurassic World Is Getting Another Miniseries, Legend Of Isla Nublar

Jurassic World is getting a miniseries that will take viewers back to Isla Nublar.

Gotham Goes Hard On The Joker References In New Jeremiah Trailer

A new trailer for the next episode of Gotham is all about Jeremiah, and he's never seemed so Joker-esque before. Will this be the episode when he finally goes full Joker?

Marvel's Loki Series Lands A Rick And Morty Writer As Showrunner

Here's the Rick and Morty alum who will bring the God of Mischief to life on the small screen.

Why Chicago P.D.'s Next Big Case Will Be A Crossover With Chicago Fire

Chicago P.D. is crossing over with Chicago Fire in the next episode, and P.D. actress Tracy Spiradakos shared some of what to expect.

Doom Patrol: Most Exciting Moments From The New Extended Trailer

A new extended trailer for DC Universe's Doom Patrol is packed with enough exciting moments that you'll want to check out the series ASAP. Here's are the best.

New Gotham Trailer Takes Jeremiah To Ace Chemicals For A Big Showdown

Gotham is taking Jeremiah to an iconic location from Joker lore in next week's episode, and he's in for a fight.

What Gotham's Ben McKenzie Says About Barbara's Reveal And Bane's Future

Gotham star Ben McKenzie weighed in on those crazy Barbara and Bane twists from the latest episode.

Watch Game Of Thrones' The Mountain Read Valentine's Day Poems Shirtless

The Mountain is known for crushing heads more than crushing hearts, but he has a romantic streak in this Valentine's Day-themed video. Take a look!

Doom Patrol Review: DC Universe’s Newest Superhero Team Is Dysfunctional In The Best Way

DC Universe is back in the original TV show game with Doom Patrol, and it's a delightfully dysfunctional take on the superhero life.

How Chicago P.D. Will Change After Upton And Ruzek's Relationship Reveal, According To Tracy Spiridakos

The unit of Chicago P.D. can't possibly be the same after the Ruzek/Upton relationship reveal, and actress Tracy Spiridakos explained how the show will change.

Benedict Cumberbatch Will Play Satan In Amazon's Good Omens

Good Omens has cast the former Sherlock and Doctor Strange actor to play none other than Satan.

Jack Ryan Already Renewed For Season 3 At Amazon

Amazon handed out an early order for additional episodes of Jack Ryan.

A&E Reportedly Shelved Danny Masterson's Sexual Assault Episode Of Scientology And The Aftermath

Scientology and the Aftermath's Danny Masterson episode has not yet aired on A&E, and this could be why.

Is The Flash Going Too Far With Reverse-Flash And Nora?

The latest episode of The Flash raises the question: is the show going too far with Nora and Reverse-Flash's partnership? Here's why.

How Chicago P.D. Will Handle Upton And Ruzek’s Relationship Reveal

Tracy Spiridakos chatted with CinemaBlend about how the reveal of Upton and Ruzek's relationship on Chicago P.D. will go down for one major character.

How Far Arrow Went To Protect The Big Olicity Twist

Arrow served up an Olicity twist, and the folks behind the scenes went to interesting lengths to keep a lid on spoilers.

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