Revolution Watch: Episode 15 - Home

With the continual slide from slightly decent to bad after the long hiatus, Revolution reaches a new low with a filler episode that could have easily been cut since none of the events really mattered. They may have to the characters, but considering the characters have stopped being people the viewer can really care about thanks to poor writing, we are left asking, “why should we care about these events that don’t move the main story forward?”

Revolution Watch: Episode 14 - The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

Silly Revolution. The lights went out in Georgia long before tonight, so you might want to put more thought into your titles. Goodness knows they rarely make sense in relation to the episode. Now something like, “The Militia Went Down To Georgia, It Was Looking For Some Souls to Steal,” is something I can get behind, even if it is a little wordy.

Revolution Watch: Episode 13 - The Song Remains The Same

Revolution, Revolution, Revolution… [Shakes head disapprovingly] Still hasn’t quite figured out story telling in terms of episode structure and creating as few holes in the plot as possible. It does take a step in the right direction after last week, however; but only a small step.

Revolution Watch: Episode 12 - Ghosts

After losing Danny at the end of last week’s episode of Revolution, things were looking up for the group. Well, not really for them, but for the viewers. Unfortunately, things did not get better.

Revolution Watch: Episode 11 - The Stand

After months of waiting, anticipation for Revolution’s return is left hardly satiated as the one major gift to the viewers doesn’t forgive all of the holes and problems in the episode. With the turret winding up under the base of the helicopter, things were looking grim at the end of the fall portion of Revolution. Had the shot continued, clearly everyone in the field was going to be mowed down in a shower of bullets and blood. Right?

Revolution Watch: Episode 10 - Nobody's Fault But Mine

It may have taken ten episodes, but Miles, Charlie, Aaron and Nora are finally at Monroe’s front door, ready to bring the fight if that’s what it will take to get Danny back. Sticking with the main theme of Revolution in which things never go according to plan, turns out they can’t just walk in, grab what they want, and stroll out. Not when Monroe stands in the way.

Revolution Watch: Episode 9 - Kashmir

With only one episode to go until the fall finale of Revolution, Miles and the gang are back on track to finding Danny. Oh who cares about Danny; what we’re really looking forward to is the confrontation with Monroe. Until then, it’s time for some psychological horror inspired tunnel scenes as they make their way to the main militia base.

Revolution Watch: Episode 8 - Ties That Bind

With the task of following up two of the best episodes of Revolution yet, the show crumbles under the pressure by presenting another mediocre episode of lackluster storytelling involving Nora’s “wrench in the plan” sister, Neville’s manipulative wife, and a militiaman with the hope of bringing pain to others while attempting to retrieve the pendant for Monroe.

Revolution Watch: Episode 7 - The Children's Crusade

With the emotional pull from the blend of Aaron’s past and present, last week’s “not a brothel” episode of Revolution showed that the show finally knew what it was doing, creating the best episode of the series yet. With the taste for glory and praise now had, this week’s Peter Pan flavored episode proves that last week wasn’t a fluke, providing some of the best writing the show has had to offer yet.

Revolution Watch: Episode 6 - Sex And Drugs

Revolution is back this week following a much-needed break from the slightly disappointing start to the series, bringing the big guns out according to the title. Luckily the dependency on these elements is rather low, instead going for a series of flashbacks to really drive this episode home emotionally.

Revolution Watch: Episode 5 - Soul Train

Week after week Charlie and Miles continue their search for Danny, leading to this moment in which they are so close they can practically reach out and touch him. That is, if only they can figure out where exactly he is being hidden by Neville, whose backstory is up for grabs. That, and there is a train. A “Soul Train” (Seriously!?).

Revolution Watch: Episode 4 - Plague Dogs

Another week of Revolution marks an up step in the show’s short run, though it remains a little shaky with a plot that is put together quite clunkily, a story that continues to stand apart from the other episodes more so than working towards tying them together with a stronger through-line, and a title that means absolutely nothing.

Revolution Watch: Episode 3 - No Quarter

Week three of Revolution brings another bump in the road towards finding Danny for Charlie, Miles and Nora, giving them reason to put that gloriously powerful and newly acquired sniper rifle to use in the aid of the rebel forces. Unfortunately, as the rebels fight off a group of militiamen, not a whole lot actually happens as this show slowly inches towards finding its voice.

Revolution Watch: Episode 2 - Chained Heat

Following its decent start, Revolution doesn’t really take a definitive step in either the right or wrong direction as it sets off on a side quest away from the “Find Danny” mission line to bring in some bigger guns to aid in the fight to bring down Monroe.

Revolution Series Premiere Watch: Lights Out

With a concept like Revolution’s, NBC is putting a lot of faith in all involved to create something with more lasting power than Terra Nova, last years most comparable example that ended up asking too much from the TV audience based on how long it lasted. With that said, Revolution is already off to a decent start with tonight’s pilot episode, hinting at an intriguing through line that might just bring the viewers back for more.

Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale Watch - Master Plan

Season 1 of Teen Wolf appealed to many because at its heart it was a high school dramedy full of normal issues of classes, relationships, parents, etc., there just happened to be werewolves involved. Season 2 looked to branch out even further, and after the season finale it’s safe to say the show might have bitten off more than it can chew.

Teen Wolf Watch: Season 2, Episode 11 - Battlefield

Following last week’s intensely climactic episode of Teen Wolf, team werewolf must now deal with where they find themselves as the dust settles on Matt’s actions last week. Derek skulks in his failure as an Alpha, Stiles struggles with his place in all of this, and Scott now has to contend with Gerard as the new Kanima master. The players are scattered, so here’s hoping they can find the motivation to come together again and stronger than ever to take down this season’s Big Bad in the finale.

Teen Wolf Watch: Season 2, Episode 10 - Fury

There may be a couple of episodes left in the second season of Teen Wolf, but that doesn’t stop these storytellers from letting viewers in on some major mysteries that have eluded us through every episode. You want motive? You got it. You want an answer to how Matt and Jackson are connected? You got it. Just don’t expect to put down your thinking caps yet; there’s still a while to go.

Teen Wolf Watch: Season 2, Episode 9 - Party Guessed

In this week’s episode of Teen Wolf Derek tells Scott “it’s not that simple.” He may be speaking to something specific when he says this, but it actually describes the episode on the whole as Lydia throws a trippy, Peter-planned birthday party and the Kanima master is finally revealed. In other words, looks like another head scratching hour for Season 2.

Teen Wolf Watch: Season 2, Episode 8 - Raving

With the recent announcement that Teen Wolf has been renewed for a third season (of double the episodes!), it’s hard not to be overly excited about the show. Thankfully this week is back up to fan expectations following a shaky episode last week of mass confusion as the Kanima continues to run through the list of murderers needing to be brought to justice. Plus a main player might have been taken out of the game for good.

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