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Teen Wolf Watch: Season 2, Episode 5 - Venomous

The first four episodes of this season of Teen Wolf have dealt largely with the mystery surrounding the Kanima and its identity, but tonight all will be revealed. Well, not all. There are still plenty of mysteries with blanks to be filled, and even more new questions now that one guessing game has come to an end. Did you guess correctly?

Allison Vs. Erica

Before we get to the Kanima, there’s one other BA individual who deserves a mention. Though I’ve yet to figure out how Erica and Isaac are able to control their “powers” as well as they do, the one thing I do know is that Erica’s confidence sure isn’t going away in terms of her, um… promiscuity. With her eyes set on Scott and devious claws burrowing into Allison’s thigh it’s time for her to be knocked down a peg, so what better way than paralysis? That was some quick thinking on Allison’s part as she continues to grow into her hunter role, and in no time she is going to be quite an intimidating character even without shapeshifting in her repertoire. Erica will bounce back I’m sure, but hopefully she will think twice about messing with Allison and her relationship with Scott in the future. I sure know I would.

The Kanima Revealed

For weeks now guesses have been going everywhere as to who the lizard-like creature is in human form, from camera boy Matt to schizophrenic Lydia. Finally, tonight the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived when the answer is revealed as Jackson starts developing a really gross and scaly skin rash up his back during a makeout session with Lydia. Boo that for Stiles’ sake, but hopefully Jackson’s new form will put a damper on the rekindling situation, assuming that someone fills Lydia in after she comes out of the house asking what the heck is going on. Now that she’s out of the woods in terms of suspicion, here’s hoping she’s brought in to our Scooby gang like Cordelia was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Now that we know it’s Jackson (fail on Derek’s part since he hoped his bite would kill Jackson, and for assuming this snake wouldn't be affected by his own venom), there are a few things to consider from this episode, starting with why Jackson took the form of a lizard and not a werewolf since he was bitten by one (according to Stiles/Google, South America has stories of werejaguars in connection to the term “Kanima”). Derek says: “sometimes the shape you take reflects the person you are,” but when does this alternate reaction to a werewolf bite take place, and why? The Kanima seems to be so different of a creature than a werewolf that it’s hard to believe that being different types of shapeshifters is the full explanation viewers will be left with after this season. So what makes Jackson special? Something in his genes maybe? And if he’s seeking a friend and not a pack he might want to stop killing people because murderer isn’t quite a trait I look for in buddies.

The Master

As for Jackson’s situation, I have one thing to say: I CALLED IT! Ok not the part about him being the Kanima, but last week I started to wonder if there was a master of sorts pulling the strings of the creature considering the motive angle. Simply put, the high school suspects had no apparent reason for going around killing people in what cannot be a random path, especially after the close-up of the mechanic’s lacrosse picture last week. But if suspicion isn’t enough then the car that lizard Jackson crawls up to in the end might be the proof you need. Does this person somehow control Jackson (when he changes, what he does, etc.), and if so, how?

Assuming this is the case, who would have a motive against these individuals? The chemistry teacher maybe? Was he the nerd in high school and now he’s seeking a bloody trail of revenge against the popular kids who hurt him? There is a big theme of being the outsider this season, continuing on from last year so it wouldn’t be surprising if the story went that way. Plus, there was a bumper sticker quoting Einstein on the car in the end (“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”), which is the second time in the episode we hear some fine words from this genius of a man. Who else quoted him, you ask? Well, it just so happened to be Mr. Harris.

Even with this possible clue, I am still hoping now that we know it is Jackson that his biological parents will somehow play a role in this season and in the connection to the Kanima. Maybe Mr. Harris is Jackson’s biological father and the mother was killed since Google tells us Kanimas go after murderers and now that Jackson has turned it is time to seek revenge! It could happen! I let my imagination get the better of me…

Dead But Not Forgotten

Lydia’s list of problems has gotten shorter (unless you count not knowing why she’s immune as a problem), but this week her hallucinations are back, including one that involves Peter writing on the chalkboard in a spiral shape. We learned last season that the spiral symbolizes revenge, so now we just need to know if these are just residual feelings from the revenge sought last season, or if Peter still has some unfinished business that these hallucinations are somehow forwarding. And who was asking for help? While we saw Peter writing on the board Lydia was actually writing, “Someone help me” over and over again backwards (which would be read forward in a mirror just to continue with reflective fun); whether it was Peter or Lydia asking is still up for debate. And one last thing: in the Rorschach test Lydia saw Peter’s burning face as it looked in the end of Season 1’s finale, which she would have no way of remembering considering he was Molotoved after their encounter.

Final Thoughts

With my mind still running all over the place for what the reveal of the Kanima means for the show, it is time to turn to you for some brainstorming fun. Why do people continue to leave lights off in the room they’re in (especially the locker room)? What would a teacher think if they found the crossbow Allison brought to school? What conclusion is Matt going to come to about the pictures he has taken of Scott? I’m guessing he’ll be spurred to dig deeper since it’s a little challenging to jump to werewolf from glowing camera flare eyes. But more importantly, give the questions in the paragraphs above a try; I’d love to read your thoughts!