Teen Wolf Watch: Season 2, Episode 10 - Fury

There may be a couple of episodes left in the second season of Teen Wolf, but that doesn’t stop these storytellers from letting viewers in on some major mysteries that have eluded us through every episode. You want motive? You got it. You want an answer to how Matt and Jackson are connected? You got it. Just don’t expect to put down your thinking caps yet; there’s still a while to go.

Matt’s Fury

With all of the quoting of Einstein, Shakespeare, and Greek mythology, one might think that this episode was going to be rather complex; but honestly, when you get down to it, nothing is as simple as revenge. During his long-winded expositional speech to Scott, Matt finally reveals his connection to the Kanima. For starters, he didn’t actually know of the supernatural existence until the night that Jackson first turned. That’s right, thanks to his character traits as an untrusting creeper he was brought into a world full of the supernatural, starting with a nice little hand connection through the window. Aw…

In actuality, the Kanima was already killing for Matt without his knowledge since Isaac’s dad was already dead, seeking revenge for a horrible event that Matt could never get past. He just needed an outlet to deal with it, which he was gifted with as soon as Jackson was bitten, becoming his tool of vengeance. Technically he didn’t really die (thank goodness he’s not some sort of flesh and blood ghost after all that “they killed me” stuff), but almost drowning at the hands of the drunk swim team was enough to get him a pity party from the Kanima.

Kanima Code

Where things get really tricky is when Matt starts to be initiated into the lizard club as well. As Stiles and Derek lie on the floor in easily one of my favorite compilations of scenes between the two, they brainstorm on why Matt is starting to get his own little scaly rash going up his side. They say that it is because he was breaking the rules of the Kanima by not killing killers, as well as murdering with his own hands, but this all seems a little sketchy. For starters, the Kanima chose to come to him and murder Isaac’s dad in the first place even though Matt hadn’t technically died, so the Kanima kind of broke that code all on it’s own. And who counts as a murderer? Is everyone to blame because they just stood there and watched? Isaac’s dad had even saved his life. And then there are all those cops now, which would definitely count on the side of Matt becoming a Kanima through false murder.

The lines are all rather blurry when it comes to this and how it falls under Kanima code, but the other point mentioned was that Matt started killing people on his own. Before they were so rudely interrupted, Stiles, Scott, and Mr. Stilinski were looking through hospital footage trying to find proof that Matt was there the moment the pregnant woman died (since they could already connect him to the rave, trailer, and auto shop murders). Yet if you notice they purposely never showed his face (nor did they focus on the pregnant girl in the montage of “photos”). At this point there is no reason not to show us that Matt is the Kanima master because that was revealed last episode, but what if he didn’t actually kill the woman in the hospital? Scott’s mom does say that she recognizes Matt, yet the reason his face never being shown in the footage comes back to the spotlight is because later in the episode Gerard sees someone in a leather jacket and hood go around the outside of the police station, when we see Matt in the next shot dealing with Mr. Stilinski. So who is this hooded figure?

Gerard’s Plan

With Matt’s motive out in the open, the next motive to move onto is Gerard’s, who is easily the most mysterious character among the bunch. Not only that, but he is ridiculously manipulative, using Allison’s emotions following the death of her mother to his advantage. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he had written that letter himself from Allison’s mom to her in order to push her to revenge, but I assume she would know her mother’s handwriting.

With Allison as leader giving the go ahead to take out Derek (who is still an Alpha) and any other member of the pack that gets in their way, we find out that the real prize Gerard is hoping for is the Kanima. Who needs a crossbow when you can have poison fingers? Following a moment that managed to make me feel bad for a murderer, Gerard holds Matt underwater to drown for the second time; and with what I like to think of as a slow motion high five of solidarity, Gerard is the new master. You would think considering he just murdered someone with his own hands that would go against the Kanima code, but I guess Jackson was just so desperate for a new master since his old one died seconds before. That Kanima sure has abandonment issues.

Scott’s Women Issues

I don’t know why we were ever afraid of Matt taking Allison away from Scott when it seems to be that they are putting wedges between themselves all this time. Derek definitely didn’t help with the whole mother murder thing, but tonight Scott’s own words at the rave come back to haunt him as Allison turns them on him, telling him to stay out of her way. You have to wonder if she would have been so cold to him had she realized that her mom had tried to kill him and Derek was actually saving his life, but it’s going to be hard for her to see past the bite.

It was actually most surprising that in this moment Scott didn't go after her. Was he that thrown off by her coldness and crossbow aimed at the chest that he knew not to mess with her? Even so, knowing what all is inside that building you would think that he would trail behind her to keep her safe, especially considering what happens between her, Matt, and the Kanima. Yet Scott never swoops in, and our favorite couple (okay, maybe second favorite to Stiles and Derek) is left once more in a horrible place on opposite lines.

Yet even with this drama, Scott’s mom is the woman in his life I am most excited for. It was one thing seeing Derek and the Kanima fighting right in front of her, something I doubt she would have forgotten, but the show takes it to the next level when Scott comes in to help Derek out, revealing his other side to his mom. She backs away from the bars (saying “no” almost as if this was an outcome she feared. Though I am assuming it was nothing), leaving Scott to a sad look of dejection, but in the end I know she will step up and be the mom that she has always been. At least that is the hope considering if not Scott will be out two families considering Derek overheard Scott talking to Gerard. No matter her choice, at least now she will be more understanding about the poor grades, mood swings, and bullet healing. So… win?

Final Thoughts

With tonight easily being one of the more intense episodes this season, it is hard to think how they’re going to top this with the episodes left. Yet it is possible with Gerard now in control of the Kanima and Peter still out there, both with plans that they’re keeping tight to the chest.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you upset that the vet had to go and wake up Derek from his dream of shirtlessness? Granted the gag with the dog whistle made it worth it in my eyes. How is the damage done to the police station going to be explained? Is Scott ever going to fill Allison in on how evil her family is? With Mrs. Argent’s death last week and Matt’s this week, should we assume that creatures are easier to kill before their first full turn (assuming Matt is on the way to making the full transition to Kanima)? Or should we expect to see Matt back considering how much damage Jackson took, whereas Matt was simply drowned (granted the lack of fear of water for the Kanima would suggest Matt is really dead)? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!