Teen Wolf Watch: Season 2, Episode 9 - Party Guessed

In this week’s episode of Teen Wolf Derek tells Scott “it’s not that simple.” He may be speaking to something specific when he says this, but it actually describes the episode on the whole as Lydia throws a trippy, Peter-planned birthday party and the Kanima master is finally revealed. In other words, looks like another head scratching hour for Season 2.

Death In The Family

Last week I titled the section concerning Mrs. Argent “Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead?” because she has always been such a horrible person undeserving of sympathy, even with her death warrant being signed by Derek’s bite. Yet somehow tonight Eaddy Mays manages to bring on regret for previous thoughts of resentment and distaste because she finally shows Mrs. Argent’s human side, dropping the tough-as-nails demeanor for someone who appears scared for the first time.

From Allison blowing her off to overhearing Gerard telling her husband, “You’re getting your tenses mixed up, your wife is already dead,” it was definitely a hard day to spend before having her final moments with Argent include driving a knife through her chest in a “fall on your sword” type of suicide. Whether it was her resolve or not, I was still surprised that Argent didn’t do more to stop her from going through with it, but I guess this is the necessary step this show needs to take for Argent to really question the code they live by (something I am hoping for) and for Allison to dedicate herself to the family trade.

The Master Revealed

Matt has always been on the fluctuating list of possible Kanima masters, yet his reveal was still somewhat of a surprise considering everything we do and don’t know about him. What we do know is he is tempermental, jumping between a nervous high school boy with a crush to someone people warn you to lock your doors to. Yet even with the full-blown stalker photo collection of Allison, his interest in Scott’s glowing eyes, his knowledge of the camera Jackson recorded his transformation with, etc., it always seemed like quite the reach because of his age. I really expected Gerard to be more likely than Matt based on this trait, but with the reveal that Matt can’t swim, and oh, I don’t know, having the Kanima standing beside him, turns out he really is another nut job running around the town. We better get some answers soon about why he has it out for the 2006 swim team (especially considering the only explanation I can come up with is he is seeking revenge for someone who drowned in a team hazing. But that’s blindly reaching), what Mr. Harris’s relationship with Matt is, and how the heck he learned to control a supernatural creature.

The Triskele

Spirals aren’t anything new to the show, and tonight Derek finally explains what the tattoo on his back means. Boyd recognizes it as a “triskele,” which he says sometimes means “mother, father, child,” or “past, present, and future.” But to Derek it means “Alpha, Beta, Omega,” symbolizing the relationship between the three and how each one is no greater than the others. Where exactly do the “almost dead, but not really, ex-Alphas” go?

The Worm Moon

Last time Lydia started an episode in the shower hallucinations drove her naked into the woods, so no good can come of this once more. At least she is spared the screeching that comes with the Psycho killer, exchanging that for the cheers of fans in the stands at the scene of the attack. This turned out to only be a dream as Peter attacked her once more, but her real life isn’t much better as she moves from this dream into a waking nightmare. After some bad guy banter about the worm moon and how it is the perfect symbol for his rebirth, the long story short version is that either Lydia has to do everything Peter tells her to, or else all the people at her party will die (don’t know how he would do this considering he’s trapped in his shriveled up and rotten corpse under the Hale house, but the imagery was enough to scare Lydia into obeying).

Whether or not she chooses to go along because he preys on her bitterness about being kept in the dark by her friends, or if Peter is somehow controlling her as Matt controls Jackson since she seemed off tonight, the plan ends up being to spike the punch with what appeared to be wolfsbane. Shoot someone with it and it causes painful death, drink a beverage with petals soaking in it and you’re in for one strong ride of hallucinogenic depression (surprisingly not having any additional or more damaging side effects for Scott). Each character is basically assaulted by their fears in some way, starting with Allison being shot in the gut by the part of her mind that thinks she’s weak, ending with Jackson being upset that his faceless birth parents showed up looking for him. Scott has the disturbing visuals of Allison making out with the Kanima, but Stiles has it the worst as he sees his dad drunkenly accusing him of ruining his life and killing his mother. The first half of that is understandable because Mr. Stilinski just lost his job, but the possibility that Stiles blames himself for his mother’s death, or believes that his dad blames him, is truly depressing.

As weird as they were, it was interesting to see into the psyches of each character. With that said, what exactly was Peter’s plan with this? Maybe it was simply to keep those that may try to stop Lydia from bringing Derek to Peter occupied, but it didn't really seem to fit the story so much as fulfill some desire of the production team.

The Ex-Alpha Rises

With everyone else distracted from Lydia’s true goal of the night, she is able to perform a ritual with the moon, mirrors, and poor Derek, bringing Peter back from the grave. With Kate dead, what cause is he going to devote himself to now, especially in concern to Lydia’s immunity (I’m assuming that part is still to come considering her immunity didn’t come into play tonight)? The answer to that can wait; what I can’t wait on is what it meant when Derek’s eyes changed from their alpha red to something more normal. Dare I say more human? Here’s hoping he didn’t lose his werewolf side.

Final Thoughts

With the confusion from this episode, it’s impossible to even start speculating about what it all could mean. Worst of all, the reveal of the Master hasn’t bought about any epiphanies yet, but maybe it will click after sleeping on it. Until then, here are some questions to think about.

Who was the girl screaming (in a terrified way, not cheering) in the stands during Lydia’s dream? What exactly was Matt going to do if Allison agreed to come inside his house with him? Did anyone else notice that a girl on the swim team was named Michelle Sink? That seems like testing luck if you ask me… If Lydia walks around constantly in contact with Jackson would he stay himself and not his disturbed alter ego? What was in that giant box that Stiles brought for Lydia? Does Mrs. Argent realize how scarred Allison is going to be after she learns her mother killed herself in her bedroom? What happened to cause Isaac’s dad to become a man capable of locking his son in a freezer? And most importantly, what the heck does the title “Party Guessed” mean?