Teen Wolf Watch: Season 2, Episode 6 - Frenemy

There may be a creature known as The Lizard running around the streets of New York as of today, but Spider-man is more than capable of dealing with Dr. Connor’s alter-ego as we focus on a lizard-man far more important: the Kanima. With Scott and his friends knowing the truth about the Jackson/lizard hybrid, it’s time to decide how to keep him from killing more individuals, all the while ensuring Jackson’s own safety from himself and those out to kill his far more aggressive half.

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun

Following Lydia’s inclusion in last week’s events one might think that she deserved to know what she just survived. One might think that considering her life was on the line, but one would be wrong. Instead of opening up, Allison takes the “just trust me” approach with her by asking that she not tell anyone what happened. Oh, and maybe translate this text about a supernatural creature for her, you know, just for fun. She may accept this for now, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if she starts going elsewhere for friendship, and possibly for answers, if they continue to hold out on her. Then again, if her initiative to move onto archaic Latin after classical Latin became too boring is any indication, she is more than capable of eventually figuring this out on her own. Granted that may fall on what her next hallucination shows her.

Just please don’t have Lydia move on to the creepy new guy who was all up in her bubble. Bet he was outside the fence with one of those dog whistles that people can’t hear just to get another moment with her. I don’t care if your flower thing was somewhat adorable, we don’t need yet another competitor for Stiles to finally become the boyfriend that Allison was talking about! Let’s hope he’s evil and we can be done with him.

The Master

With the correct translation, “The Kanima seeks a master,” it looks like the characters are finally catching up on what we figured out last week. There are no real answers about who it is yet, but Gerard is definitely a suspect after his stare down with Jackson. When Argent asks about this Gerard says that he was acting on a hunch that the creature has rules, but that is a rather extreme gamble to take. Especially considering a rule might be that it only kills murderers, and Gerard just so happens to be one (assuming werewolves count). A Kanima sure would be a great weapon to use against werewolves, and Gerard says as much to Argent about allowing it to take out Derek, but as of now we know of no reason why Gerard would take out the other victims. Unless next week we get a close up of his pills and they say “Kanima control” on them, I wouldn’t put all my money on him or change focus away from Mr. Harris or Jackson’s biological parents just yet.

Danny Boy

If I didn’t know better I would say Jackson’s alter ego is a little homophobic based on the number of guys he chose to paralyze at the club. Or maybe he just didn’t like their dancing. Collateral damage aside, the target was Jackson’s best friend Danny, most likely because he was helping Jackson recover the lost footage from the night of the full moon and therefore had the potential to know Jackson’s secret. Matt is still the only other person we know of that knew about the camera, but this is still under the assumption that someone came in from outside to edit the footage. Maybe the master is his adopted father and he adopted him because he wanted a pet to murder people! He is a lawyer and would therefore know the criminals in the area! Ok just kidding… Maybe… Or maybe I’m just a little annoyed I haven’t figured it out yet.

This School Is A Prison

With the cameras going up around the school there is no way they are going to get away with any more late night adventures within its walls, but the students should be far more worried about the faculty than the cameras. I would say that Allison has the most to fear based on the conversation with her grandpa because it’s clear that she needs to work on her lying, and her mom is just always scary, but I am actually going to go with Scott having the most to fear because of this situation. His mother mentions getting a call saying that if he fails any of his midterms then he will be held back a year, but I am sure the principal could bump that grade up a little if Scott were to do something in return for him.

Failed Citizen’s Arrest

After Derek’s failed fight attempt and then neck slash at the club, as well as Argent riddling Jackson’s body with bullet holes to no effect, Scott and Stiles capture Jackson to give themselves time to figure out their next step. How they got the prisoner transfer van as a temporary detention facility is beyond me, but clearly they have underestimated what Jackson is capable of, especially now that he knows he is the Kanima thanks to his one on one time with Stiles.

Instead of taking this information in and realizing that maybe they’re doing what needs to be done to keep people safe, he decides that he can’t trust the people debating whether or not he deserves to live. Whether through heightened emotion (he finally shed a tear at hearing he has no one, showing he’s human!), survival instinct, or pure flexing, Jackson makes it obvious why people are not supposed to have sexy time in the woods when they’ve got a job to do (as if the urban legends weren’t enough) by using his lizard buddy to break free. Not only that, but he beats Scott and Stiles to his dad’s office and lawyers up, though I can’t imagine why he thinks bringing more people in to this situation will be good for him now that he has something major to hide.

Final Thoughts

Based on the transformation in the van it’s probable that Jackson is going to gain some control of the Kanima, or at least some portion of its powers. But will he really be able to control it if he answers to a master?

So what did you think of this episode of Teen Wolf? Do you think Stiles finally got closure to the first season question as to whether or not gay guys find him attractive? Does Allison realize that by saying she wants to be with Scott forever she has probably jinxed the relationship in some horrible way (though they’ll obviously end up together in the end)? Why does Jackson’s skin glow blue as the scales move up and around his body? Please tell me we’re not dealing with magic.