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How DC's Supergirl Movie Can Stand Apart From The CW's TV Show

How can two Supergirl's exist at the same time?

The Worst Decisions Dumbledore Ever Made In The Harry Potter Movies

Dumbledore was a great wizard, but this dude made some real questionable judgment calls.

Mark Hamill Celebrated Batman Day In Fantastic Fashion

The voice of the Joker shares some Batman love.

Video Gives Avengers' Hawkeye His Day, And Shows Every Single Kill He's Had

Hawkeye can really rack up the kills, even if not all fans realized it.

Kevin Smith Had To Change His Jay And Silent Bob Reboot's Script After Weight Loss
Gwyneth Paltrow Is Doing Reshoots On Avengers 4 With Robert Downey Jr.

But does this mean Pepper Potts survived The Snap?

Bond 25 Finally Got Some Good News

The new James Bond movie finally caught a break.

What DC's Next Superman Should Have, According To Nicolas Cage

An actor who was almost Superman weighs in on the current state of the character.

Chris Evans Reveals Captain America Has Ditched The Beard For Avengers 4
Halloween Has Screened, Here Are The Early Reactions

The much-hyped Halloween sequel has finally screened.

Ray Park Kept Telling People He Was Returning As Darth Maul, And No One Noticed

People should have been paying a bit more attention to Ray Park's social media feed.

An Eagle-Eyed Fan Spotted A Fun Crossover Between Captain America And Thor

Check out this fun easter egg tying together the first Thor and Captain America movies.

Jack Black Still Wants To Do A Nacho Libre Sequel

Jack Black wants to get into the ring one more time as Nacho Libre.

Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story's Darth Maul Scene In Full

You can now watch the biggest surprise of Solo: A Star Wars Story in its entirety.

Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig Wanted To Take The Reboot Out Of The Country For A Sequel

If things had been different, the rebooted Ghostbusters would have left New York City for adventures overseas.

Ant-Man And The Wasp's Evangeline Lilly Shares Glimpse Of Deleted Scene

Check out this tease of a scene that was cut from Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Winners And Losers From The Summer 2018 Box Office

The summer movie season is official over and the winners and losers have revealed themselves.

How Marvel Can Bring Blade Back

There are rumors that Blade could make a return with Marvel Studios, but how exactly would that work? We have a few ideas.

Dominic Monaghan Celebrates First Day Filming Star Wars: Episode IX

Dominic Monaghan prepares for his first day of work in style.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has A DC Character He'd Like To Play, And It's Not Batman
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