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8 Team-Ups We'd Love to See in Avengers: Endgame

Awesome character pairings are the backbone of the MCU.

Those '90s Songs In Captain Marvel Are Suddenly Really Popular Again
Why Black Panther Almost Cost Winston Duke His Role In Jordan Peele's Us

Black Panther opened a ton of doors for Winston Duke, but it nearly shut the one that led to Us.

When Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Might Open

After doing some calculations, this is likely when we can expect James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Five Feet Apart Reactions Highlight The Divide Between Fans And Critics

I would say critics and fans are about five feet apart on this.

Captain Marvel Will Lead The MCU, Kevin Feige Says

Get ready to see lots more of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel.

8 Marvel Movie Characters Who Could Be Skrulls In Disguise

If the MCU ever does Secret Invasion, don't drop your guard around these characters.

6 Heath Ledger Stories That Show What Kind of Actor He Was

The Oscar-winning Heath Ledger fully inhabited any role he accepted.

Kevin Smith Was 'A Blubbering Mess' After Captain Marvel's Mallrats Scene

Captain Marvel paid a special homage to Kevin Smith's Mallrats.

Captain Marvel Has Some Tasty Pulp Fiction References

What do they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese on Hala?

Why Captain Marvel Changed Annette Bening's Role From Male To Female

Spoilers Warning: Better see the movie before reading this.

So Christopher Nolan's Next Movie Won't Really Be Like North By Northwest Meets Inception?

Just when you think you've got Nolan figured out, he pulls the rug right out from under you.

That Time Brendan Fraser Auditioned For Superman

Before he was Robotman, Brendan Fraser auditioned for Superman.

Jordan Peele's Us Has Screened, Here Are The Early Reactions
6 Questions We Still Have About Captain Marvel

Thankfully, we don't have to wait much longer for answers!

What Happened To Zack Snyder's Justice League Is A 'Terrible Wrong' To Learn From, DC Colleague Says

The movie's photographer gets blunt about the final result of Justice League and the Snyder Cut.

Star Wars Responds To Brie Larson's Desire To Be A Jedi

The Force is looking strong with this one.

Zachary Levi Previews New Shazam! Trailer As Well Worth The (Long) Wait

The long-awaited second trailer finally arrives this Monday and should make fans "VERY happy."

Simon Pegg Shows Off Shocking Body Transformation For New Role
The New Scooby-Doo Movie Has Assembled Its Main Cast

Zoinks! Scooby-Doo is headed back to the big screen, with an all-star voice cast.

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