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The Amazing Race Season Finale Watch: Take Down That Million

This is it... the final chapter of this, the twenty-first running of The Amazing Race. The four remaining teams head from Spain to France, where one team became the last one eliminated. And then, it's back home to the U.S., where the final three teams run around Manhattan hoping to become TV's latest millionaires.

The Amazing Race Watch: Not a Well-Rounded Athlete

Getting down to the end now. Four teams make their way from Holland to Mallorca, Spain, the home of bullfighting, cave-dwelling guitarists and Rafael Nadal. One team learns to their dismay why learning how to drive a stick-shift is a requisite for racing.

The Amazing Race Watch: Fishy Kiss

This leg had a little bit of everything: a change of countries (Russia to Holland), five different connecting flights, a Fast Forward and a Double U-Turn. And for one team, a downward spiral that began three legs ago finally reaches its inevitable conclusion.

The Amazing Race Watch: We Was Robbed

The six remaining teams were so spread out and far apart that there was little or no drama involved in this episode. One team had their best leg yet, while another team just couldn't shake the black cloud that had been hanging over their heads for the last two legs.

The Amazing Race Watch: We Were Robbed

You'd think that after losing their wad of cash in the last leg, James and Abba would take extra EXTRA care to not let that happen again. You'd think. Sadly, some lessons are learned the hard way, much like Russian synchronized swimming.

The Amazing Race Watch: Get Your Sexy On

Reality TV has seen its share of miscreants, but when my beloved Amazing Race actually fields a team that thinks that it's okay to steal another team's money and get away scott free? That is just sad. And despicable.

The Amazing Race Watch: Chill Out, Freak

Bangladesh isn't a country I'd ever want to visit, but for some reason, the producers thought it would be cool to spend not one, but TWO legs there, performing menial manual labor under scorching heat and awful humidity. I mean, I know the world isn't all scenic vistas and wine-tasting, but dreary locations often make for dreary television, you know?

The Amazing Race Watch: Funky Monkey

This week, it's on to Bangladesh, which will probably be the least glamorous place the racers visit this season. It's noisy, crowded, and I'm so glad I can't smell the place through my TV. One team actually has to pick up dead rats in order to get a Fast Forward, and that's just... ugh.

The Amazing Race Watch: There's No Crying In Baseball

No, there isn't any crying in baseball. But there is crying in the race, especially when you are confronted with foreigners in their own damn country who just refuse to know English even though you're screaming at them in it. Well, if this leg proved one thing for sure, it's who the actual good teams are.

The Amazing Race Watch: Long Hair, Don't Care

It's on to Indonesia, where running with the bulls is just as big a deal as in Pamplona, Spain. In the sweltering heat, the racers are forced to make balloon animals (yeah, I can't make stuff like that up). And a shocking elimination proves that one assclown of a cabbie is sometimes all it takes to put you on the first flight home.

The Amazing Race Season Premiere Watch: Double Your Money

For the twenty-first time, we join eleven teams of two on a trip around the world. Among this year's crop of racers are a double-amputee who is a champion snowboarder, a former heavy metal musician and a pair of married monster truckers. The first country they visit is China, where they are faced with already their first disgusting eating challenge of the season. Uh-oh.

America's Got Talent Season Finale Watch: A Winner Is Crowned

The seventh season of the wildest talent competition on television culminated tonight, when they crowned a non-singer champion for the first time ever. Who would it be? The hilarious comedian Tom Cotter? The innovative musician William Close? The adorable Olate Dogs? Or would another act jump up and win it?

America's Got Talent Watch - Semifinal #2

After last week's amazing semifinal, I expected a letdown. Thankfully, it didn't happen. The cream of the crop rose to the occasion, prompting some extremely brutal cuts. And here's the lowdown, people... for the first time EVER, America's Got Talent will not be crowning a singer champion.

America's Got Talent Watch - Semifinal #1

After thousands of auditions and six weeks of quarterfinal action, we are down to the final twenty-four acts. Twelve of those acts took to the stage on Tuesday, including many of my favorites. And with only three acts going through to the finals, I knew that at least two of my faves would be going home. It was, simply, two of the best hours of television this entire summer.

America's Got Talent Watch - Quarterfinal #6 - Wild Card

After the suckiness of the YouTube show, I was ready for the momentum to do a complete 180 for the Wild Card show. And what a show it was; nearly every single act performed brilliantly, and it was heartbreaking that eight of the acts had to be shown the door for a second time.

America's Got Talent Watch - Quarterfinal #5 - YouTube

After two weeks off, AGT gets back into the swing of things with twelve acts deemed the best of all those who chose to audition on YouTube rather than in front of an audience. And you know, there's a lot to be said about an act that chooses to avoid big crowds. As in, they suck. And most of this week's act did.

America's Got Talent Watch - Quarterfinal #4

Tonight was a reminder of why I love this show. Ten out of twelve acts performed well enough to move on, but sadly, only four did. That is a testament to the level of talent that has been showcased this year. And maybe, just maybe, this WILL be the year that a singer doesn't win.

America's Got Talent Watch - Quarterfinal #3

Last week, there was a great big brouhaha between Howard and Howie over a tone-deaf vertically-challenged singer named Big Barry. Howard took the (correct) position that he should never have been there in the first place, especially given that so many terrific singers had to be cut in Vegas, whereas Howie apparently felt that it is possible to be a horrible singer and still entertaining. Personally, I think Howie is full of shit on this subject, and thankfully, four terrific acts moved on instead.

America's Got Talent Watch - Quarterfinal #2

A lot of acts were very good this week, which is a testament to the judges' selection criteria. Unfortunately, there was also one act that wouldn't have made it past a Gong Show revival episode. Does Howie take this show seriously or not?

America's Got Talent Watch - Quarterfinal #1 Results

And away we go. Monday night was the first night of the AGT season where America finally got a chance to vote, and it’s about time we got to this point. With only a few exceptions, I have no problem with the acts that Howie, Sharon and Howard put through to the live shows (in New York now, not Hollywood). On this night, as is the norm, we got a little bit of everything. It’s nice to see that now that Piers Morgan is gone, the judges’ buzzers are going off a lot less frequently. In fact, hardly at all. Which is nice to see.

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