Last week, ten teams made their way from China to Indonesia. They ran with the bulls, made balloon animals, and became part-time ice truckers (well ice carters). Annoying twins Natalie and Nadiya unbelievably beat everyone else to the mat and won a coveted Fast Forward, while double-amputee Amy and her BF Daniel broke my heart by being eliminated simply because they got the worst cabbie in Asia. Nine teams remain.

Starting Line - The Pabean Market in Surabaya, Indonesia. The teams’ first clue directed them to a local restaurant called Antija Jaya, and what awaited them there was this leg’s Roadblock. In this task, one racer had to find a way to carry no fewer than twenty dishes of food and deliver them to a group of waiting diners; if they dropped even one, they would have to start over. This proved to be quite a challenge for the girls and lesser-built guys that did it, particularly those with no waitering experience.

After completing the Roadblock, the next clue told teams make their way to the local train station, where they would hop the earliest possible train to the town of Bangil, and that the next clue would present itself to them somewhere en route (being carried by a fruit vendor, though teams weren’t given that detail). Teams were also warned that a U-Turn would come into play on this leg. Getting on the earliest train proved to be huge, given that there was a three-hour wait for the second train, and five teams were able to break away from the rest of the pack.

Before the train pulled into Bangil, teams were given this leg’s Detour, and the choices were Lion Head and Egg Head. In the former, teams had to participate in a local dance by wearing a forty-pound lion’s head on their own head and shoulders, and follow a procession without dropping the head. In the latter, teams had to purchase four eggs from a local market, and then hold two empty halves of coconuts on their heads while local magicians would light the inside of the coconut shell and cook the eggs… on their heads. After that, teams would eat the eggs. Man, that is weird.

After the Detour was complete, teams had to find a store called Perliman Polisi I, which was at the intersection of five streets. This was the location of the Blind Double U-Turn which meant that two teams could force two other teams to do the other half of the Detour before continuing. After that, it was just a short jaunt to the mat.

The Pit Stop for Leg Three was located at SMA Negeri 1, “Bangil’s #1 high school.” I’m sure the keggers are fun, but the cheerleaders are all wearing white burqas.

Below is the order the contestants finished in, along with some of their more interesting moments. Because there was no airport equalizer, there wasn’t much change of position from the last leg to this one (with a couple of exceptions, mostly due to incompetence).

#1. Abbie and Ryan - I still haven’t made up my mind about this team, but now that they’ve won two legs, they have to be considered the favorites. I don’t envy Abbie having to carry that huge Lion’s head on her face, but she was a real trooper. They beat the rest of the lead group to the mat, and for that, they won a trip for two to Fiji. I’m happy for them.

#2. Trey and Lexi - They started the leg in a dubious alliance with the Twins, but it didn’t take long for the Twins to drop back in the pack, and honestly, team Texas was way better off. They missed first place by less than a minute, but if they keep up the pace they are currently on, they’ll be getting a few vacations before the race is over.

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