It’s time to celebrate the Christmas/ Chanukah/ Kwanza/ Festivus Holiday season, so here at Cinema Blend we’re enjoying Twelve Days of Christmas. Yes, we know traditionally the “12 days” start with Christmas, but we plan on being celebrated out by that time, so we’re pushing the twelve days leading up to the holiday.

Here at DVD Blend, we’re celebrating by suggesting some of the more impressive DVD sets to come out this year. Think of the list as a buying guide for the movie fanatic in your life, just in case you haven’t thought of something for them already.

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

The Matrix revisited… in high definition

I was already a huge fan of The Matrix trilogy – yes, I like all three pictures as one total story, although I will admit I like some chapters better than others. I even wrote my college thesis on the movies, which means I burned myself out on them pretty badly. Months of academic study was overridden by the desire to see The Matrix movies in high definition.

Seeing the movies alone in such clarity and brilliance was reward enough for this set, which also includes a ton of supplementary information and The Animatrix shorts. It should be noted, however, that only the movies are in HD, with the rest of the material exactly as it appeared in the previously released standard edition Ultimate Matrix Collection.

If you’ve already invested in the standard DVD version of this release, there’s nothing here really worthwhile for the double dip, but if you haven’t, then HD DVD is the way to see these movies. It’s almost as if you were really there, if anything real actually existed, that is.

The perfect gift for… that post-modern devotee who wants to know everything there is to know about The Matrix and then some.

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