Early details are out for Will Smith’s awesome post-apocalyptic thriller, I Am Legend, which is being released in single disc and two-disc special edition versions, as well as both Blu-ray and HD DVD. The release hits stores on March 18th.

The big announcement as far as the release goes is the inclusion of an alternate theatrical cut of the movie, which includes the alternate “controversial” ending. You don’t need to do much poking around on the Internet to discover just what happens in that alternate ending, but it’ll be nice to see it on screen regardless. I’m curious whether anything else about the alternate cut is different, since it is what makes up the second disc in the two disc set.

Other than the alternate theatrical version, the only bonus material on the discs are four animated comics as well as some DVD-ROM features. It’s a light amount of extras considering how awesome the picture was, which makes me wonder if we don’t have a potential double dip somewhere down the road. For now, however, I’m excited to see the alternate version of the movie on March 18th.

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