Talk about your poor timing. The announcement for Semi-Pro on DVD and Blu-ray hit our e-mail boxes just after the story about the bear from the same movie mauling someone did. That’s probably not the best press the movie, but hopefully the tragedy will fade from memory before the full advertising blitz starts for Semi-Pro’s June 3rd release date.

Considering all the in-character commercials Will Ferrell did for the movie, I’m a little surprised how light the announced DVD extras are. Not that they’re terribly light there’s still several featurettes and that “Love Me Sexy” music video that was all the rage online. And who knows, the commercials may show up in the form of easter eggs, or not.

Here’s a look at the announced extras for the June 3rd release. We’ll bring you cover art as soon as we get a look at it ourselves.

    DVD SPECIAL FEATURES (Standard DVD and Blu-ray 2-Disc Sets)
  • “Love Me Sexy – The Story Behind the One-Hit-Wonder” featurette
  • “Recreating the American Basketball Association (ABA)” featurette
  • “Four Days in Flint” featurette
  • “The Man Behind Semi-Pro” featurette
  • Behind the scenes footage with Bill Walton, Bob Costas and “Dick Pepperfield”
  • “Love Me Sexy” music video

    Additional Blu-ray Disc Content
  • “Bill Walton visits the set” bonus footage
  • "Super Agility Trainer" interactive game

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