Guard your integrity because Sacha Baron Cohen’s third film featuring a character from his show, Da Ali G Show, is hitting Blu-ray and DVD November 17th. We got Ali G Indahouse in 2002, Borat in 2006, and now it’s Brüno’s turn to put you in a state of hilarity, disbelief, and utter shock.

Brüno is an Austrian fashion reporter who is fired after wreaking havoc upon Milan Fashion Week. Determined to achieve superstardom, Brüno heads to America, where he’ll do just about anything to become famous. From there Brüno struts across the country, and even to Israel, insulting, embarrassing, and disgusting everyone in his path. What do you expect from the guy who brought you Borat?

Brüno is so funny it hurts. It’s so crude you’ll be ashamed of watching it, but so amused you won’t be able to turn it off. I’m sure the same will go for the bonus material. Both the DVD and BD come with an hour of alternative, deleted, and extended scenes not shown in theaters, enhanced commentary with Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles, and an interview with Hollywood agent Lloyd Robinson. Exclusive to the BD will be video commentary with Baron Cohen and Charles and access to BD-Live.

If you’re able to free yourself of your inhibitions and enjoy the movie for what it is – a barrage of immature and vulgar jokes – Brüno will be a great buy. Get victimized by Sacha Baron Cohen and pick up Brüno on DVD for $29.98 or on Blu-Ray for $39.98.

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