Playing like nothing so much as the end result of a game of "who could beat up who?" between two 10-year-old boys who were suddenly given a production budget, Sharktopus introduces a creature that's...well, part shark, part octopus. The flick originally aired on SyFy this past September, and sets the titular critter -- the product of covert military genetic engineering, naturally -- loose in the waters of Puerto Vallarta. And with a name like Sharktopus, Roger Corman kind of had to be involved, didn't he?

In fact, the legendary B-movie producer/director carried a producer's credit on Sharktopus, and now that it's coming to DVD, it's only fitting that Corman make an appearance in the bonus features. In fact, Corman also shows up in the movie itself, and you can see his cameo, accompanied by audio commentary, below. If you're wondering why his part revolves almost entirely around staring at the ass of a shapely, bikini-clad girl before she meets the business end (read: every end) of the Sharktopus, it's because he's earned that right, damn it.

Sharktopus is coming to Blu-ray and DVD March 15th, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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