The much-anticipated Alien Anthology finally hit Blu-ray this week, packed to the gills -- or secondary projectile mouths -- with bonus content alongside high-def transfers of multiple versions of all four films. It's a must-have for genre film fans, joining other such standard-setting releases as the 30th Anniversary Blu-ray set of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the five-disc collector's edition of Blade Runner.

The fine folks at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment have sent along a look at one of the set's many deleted scenes for your perusal. In this case, it's a moment from Alien 3 that shows the funeral for Hicks and Newt intercut with the birth of a new alien critter which has taken up residence inside an ox, thus earning the catchy nickname "the oxburster." Take a look; ain't no amount of Prevacid gonna clear that shit up.

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