As an avid Big Love watcher, it was sad for me when Aaron Paul left the show to pursue other things. Luckily though, he didn’t leave to face the fragility of a career based in soon-to-be-cut television programs and easily forgettable made-for-TV movies. Aaron Paul chose to be a part of Breaking Bad, and in 2010 this garnered him an Emmy Award for his work in season 3.

According to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, viewers will be able to possess this third season of Breaking Bad on June 7th. There's also good news for folks who haven't made the leap to Blu-ray yet: if you opt for the DVD, you won't miss out on too many special features. The only extra exclusive to the Blu-Ray will be cast and crew photographs. Otherwise, everyone will receive outtakes, deleted scenes, cast and crew commentary, five behind-the-scenes featurettes, a writer’s room segment, 20 “Inside Breaking Bad” pieces, and video podcasts.

If you haven’t looked into Breaking Bad, the series is about a chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer who turn to cooking and dealing meth to make ends meet. While Aaron Paul plays the chemistry teacher’s accomplice, the chemistry teacher is 2010 Emmy winner Bryan Cranston, formerly of Malcolm in the Middle fame. Anna Gunn also stars as Cranston’s beleaguered wife.

Hopefully that information is enough to pique a little interest. If you’re already a fan who isn’t concerned about special features or is having a little trouble waiting for the set, episodes are also available in streaming format via Amazon Instant Video. They run $1.99 a pop, which is pretty cheap for a quick fix.

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