We've been flush with James Cameron news this past week. First we reported on the rumors that the director is working on a new transfer of The Abyss in preparation for a Blu-ray release sometime in 2011. Yesterday we brought you the official announcement and details of the Avatar (Extended Collector's Edition) due out November 16th. Today we've got even more, because Fox has released a new trailer featuring some of the new footage you'll get to see in the extended cut.

The new extended cut of Avatar contains 16 more minutes incorporated into the film, plus over 45 minutes of deleted scenes. The trailer below gives you a peak at some of the footage that's been rumored and discussed for months now, including a very Blade Runner-y look at Avatar-era Earth and what looks like even more hot Na'vi-on-Na'vi action. I just hope those crazy kids play it safe and remember to wrap their ponytails up first.

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