We’ve finally gotten some details on that WarGames direct to DVD sequel we showed you a trailer on a month ago. You might remember we called the trailer more of an update to the original than a sequel, but MGM is really pushing the sequel idea, which is a shame since this is a movie that definitely didn’t need a sequel.

The story centers on computer hacker Will Farmer, who finds himself pitted against a super computer named Ripley that is designed to seek out potential threats to the United States. Will finds himself profiled by the computer and on Homeland Security’s list as a potential threat, which means eluding the agency’s men while attempting to clear his name.

The DVD for WarGames: The Dead Code is coming July 29th, which just happens to be the same day MGM is releasing a 25th anniversary edition of the first movie. I’m not judging the second picture unseen, but I kind of wish they found a better way to celebrate that anniversary than by putting out a sequel. Thankfully, the new DVD edition of WarGames will also feature some new featurettes.

Take a look at the plans for each release below, and check out the original WarGames on July 29th. If you’re really brave, The Dead Code will be there for you too.

    WarGames: The Dead Code – Bonus Material Audio Commentary from Director Stuart Gillard and Actor Matt Lanter
  • The Making of Wargames: The Dead Code Featurette
  • Photo Gallery

    WarGames: 25th Anniversary Edition – Bonus Material
  • Commentary by Director John Badham and Writers Lawrence Lasker and ?Walter F. Parkes
  • NEW “Loading WarGames” documentary
  • NEW “Attack of the Hackers” featurette
  • NEW “Inside NORAD: Cold War Fortress” featurette
  • NEW “Tic Tac Toe: A True Story” featurette
  • Menu-driven interactive superpower weapons briefing gallery
  • Theatrical trailer

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