Details On WarGames 25th Anniversary And Sequel

We’ve finally gotten some details on that WarGames direct to DVD sequel we showed you a trailer on a month ago. You might remember we called the trailer more of an update to the original than a sequel, but MGM is really pushing the sequel idea, which is a shame since this is a movie that definitely didn’t need a sequel.

The story centers on computer hacker Will Farmer, who finds himself pitted against a super computer named Ripley that is designed to seek out potential threats to the United States. Will finds himself profiled by the computer and on Homeland Security’s list as a potential threat, which means eluding the agency’s men while attempting to clear his name.

The DVD for WarGames: The Dead Code is coming July 29th, which just happens to be the same day MGM is releasing a 25th anniversary edition of the first movie. I’m not judging the second picture unseen, but I kind of wish they found a better way to celebrate that anniversary than by putting out a sequel. Thankfully, the new DVD edition of WarGames will also feature some new featurettes.

Take a look at the plans for each release below, and check out the original WarGames on July 29th. If you’re really brave, The Dead Code will be there for you too.

  • WarGames: The Dead Code – Bonus Material Audio Commentary from Director Stuart Gillard and Actor Matt Lanter
  • The Making of Wargames: The Dead Code Featurette
  • Photo Gallery

    WarGames: 25th Anniversary Edition – Bonus Material
  • Commentary by Director John Badham and Writers Lawrence Lasker and ?Walter F. Parkes
  • NEW “Loading WarGames” documentary
  • NEW “Attack of the Hackers” featurette
  • NEW “Inside NORAD: Cold War Fortress” featurette
  • NEW “Tic Tac Toe: A True Story” featurette
  • Menu-driven interactive superpower weapons briefing gallery
  • Theatrical trailer