Disney Animation Studios announced everything it’s doing for the next four years yesterday. Among the long list of awesome new 2-D and computer animated movies coming from both Disney and Pixar were, not so surprisingly, direct-to-DVD titles which Disney plans to bait your kids with. Their plan it seems, is to create an entire series of direct-to-DVD animated movies focused on Peter Pan’s fairy companion Tinker Bell.

Disney has a whopping four Tinkerbell movies planned. They’ll release one every year starting this year. It kicks off this October on the 28th with Tinker Bell, and then in successive years we’ll get Tinker Bell North of Neverland, Tinker Bell a Midsummer Storm, and Tinker Bell A Winter Story.

To kick things off, today Disney released a series of images from the first movie, Tinker Bell. Get a feel for what it is your daughter will be begging you for, in the image gallery below:

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