TNT's Leverage is still one of my favorite pure popcorn shows around, focusing on a team of crooks, hackers, and con men who decide to start using their powers for good, all lead by an embittered former insurance investigator (Timothy Hutton). Over the course of three seasons so far, the team has played Robin Hood against baddies ranging from corrupt government contractors to the heads of government.

Paramount Home Entertainment is bringing Leverage: The Third Season to DVD June 7th, a few weeks before season four premieres on TNT June 26th. Plenty of time to catch up if you're behind. It's a little disappointing that we aren't being given a Blu-ray option, especially since the show airs on TNT in high-def, but the good news is that the set will include plenty of extras, including commentary on every single episode. The set breakdown is below.

Disc One:
  • The Jailhouse Job
  • The Reunion Job
  • The Inside Job
  • The Scheherazade Job
Bonus Features:
  • Deleted Scene from "The Scheherazade Job"
  • Gag Reel

Disc Two:
  • The Double-Blind Job
  • The Studio Job
  • The Gone-Fishin’ Job
  • The Boost Job
Bonus Features:
  • Deleted Scenes from "The Studio Job" and "The Gone-Fishin’ Job"
  • On Set with Colton & Aboud: The New Writers of Leverage

Disc Three:
  • The Three-Card Monte Job
  • The Underground Job
  • The Rashomon Job
  • The King George Job
Bonus Features:
  • Leverage: What Does a Producer Do?
  • Inside the Leverage Writers’ Room

Disc Four:
  • The Morning After Job
  • The Ho, Ho, Ho Job
  • The Big Bang Job
  • The San Lorenzo Job
Bonus Features:
  • Deleted Scene from "The Big Bang Job"
  • Behind-the-Scenes featurette

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