Since the eight seed Blackhawks fought their way into a game seven overtime loss against the number one seed in the west, The Vancouver Canucks, the road might be paved for the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. Though it’s still early and I am no prophet, I am a Hawks fan, so I’m still holding out that someone like the Philadelphia Flyers will kick Vancouver into losing yet another title.

No matter which team wins the final, Warner Bros. is bringing NHL Stanley Cup Champions 2011 to Blu-Ray and DVD on July 19th. This is an incredibly quick turnover for a film of this ilk, since game seven of the final series would fall on June 17th. In past years, the video's creator, Warner Sports, has focused more on the final series rather than offering a fully encompassing look at a team’s entire championship run.

So, a quick turnover date might be the result of a lack of budget or effort from the Warner Sports team. To give them some credit, it would be really difficult to follow all 16 teams through four rounds of playoff games without knowing what to shoot or who exactly would end up on top. It’s likely they use a lot of local feed, interviews, and commentary after the fact. That's a tough gig. Optimistically, in this year’s press release, Warner Sports says they’ll be focusing on “highlights,” so maybe this year’s production will have a better end result.

There’s no word on any additionals coming with the set, but the whole thing should play like a bunch of hockey-oriented special features. So if your team is the winner or you’re a rabid collector, this could be your set.

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