Blu-ray is an amazing format. Honestly, once you've seen your favorite movies in high-definition, it's hard to go back to regular DVDs. Something always just feels like it's missing. But while high-definition can easily make an awesome movie even better, can high-definition make a crappy movie tolerable? That's a question that can be put to the test on June 21st, when Paramount Home Entertainment releases Michael Bay's futuristic thriller The Island on Blu-ray.

Remember The Island? I can't blame you if the answer is "no." Aside from being the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit and pouring Scarlett Johannson into a tight, white bodysuit, The Island wasn't exactly memorable. Not that pouring Scarlett Johannson into a tight, white bodysuit isn't a praiseworthy accomplishment in and of itself.

For those of us whose memory has grown hazy, The Island stars Ewan MacGregor and the aforementioned Scarlett Johannson as residents of a strange sealed community designed to protect them from an Earth that has been ravaged and rendered uninhabitable. Or so they've been told. Soon Lincoln (MacGregor) and Jordan (Johannson) discover the truth is much more sinister, and attempt to mount an escape to the outside world. And the whole thing is directed by Michael Bay, so at least it'll probably be pretty, even if it hurts your brain.

The Island Bonus Features
  • Commentary by director Michael Bay
  • The Future in Action
  • The Making of The Island
  • Pre-visualization: Forward Thinking

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