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The Redband Trailer For Lake Placid 3 Is Full Of Crocs, Nudity

Remember Lake Placid? The late-'90s horror-comedy about a giant crocodile terrorizing a lakeside town? It's mostly notable for being written by then TV It Guy David E. Kelly and being one of the first productions to introduce us to the joy of a profanity-spewing Betty White. Well, while the rest of us were off buying iPhones and arguing about health-care reform, apparently they went and made two more of the things. Because, obviously, giant crocodiles are the concept that just keeps on giving. Lake Placid 3 is coming to Blu-ray and DVD October 26th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Sadly, Betty White is not included. I guess her quote's gone up.

LP3 may have lost B-Dubs, but it's gained Michael Ironside, the sheriff from Eureka, former Witchblade bearer Yancy Butler, and an array of young no-name actresses willing to take their clothes off before being chewed apart by a giant CGI crocodile. Eureka star Colin Ferguson plays a biologist investigating, and eventually running away from while screaming, the local croc problem. He does so while wearing some sort of tan uniform shirt that looks a lot like his Eureka outfit, which kind of makes the entire trailer look like a lost, unrated episode. I've often said all Eureka needs to kick things up a notch is exposed viscera and a little full-frontal nudity.

At any rate, here's the redband trailer for Lake Placid 3. If you're offended by naked girls or horrible CGI, well, then you probably weren't going to watch this trailer in the first place.