James Cameron has clearly embraced Blu-ray as a format, what with not one but two separate Blu-ray releases of Avatar this year, and the even more exciting release of Aliens as part of the awe-tacular Alien Anthology due out October 26th. But while some of his best films are or will soon be available in glorious high-def, there's one unforgiveable exception: The Abyss. Thankfully, my favorite Cameron film may soon be getting the treatment it deserves, because The Digital Bits has heard rumblings of a Blu-ray edition coming our way in 2011. Here's what they have to say:

Sources are telling us that director James Cameron has been (or it about to begin) working on a new high-def transfer and master of The Abyss, presumably for eventual Blu-ray Disc release. As many of you know, The Abyss is a title that doesn't even have an anamorphic widescreen DVD release (neither does True Lies for that matter) so it's LONG overdue. We've been hearing this might soon happen from industry insiders for a couple of months now...

All I can say is, it's about damn time. The Abyss, of course, is about the crew of a deep-sea drilling platform who discover mysterious goings-on at the bottom of an abyssal trench a mile beneath the surface. Ed Harris leads the cast as Virgil "Bud" Brigman who finds his rig suddenly invaded not just by a shady team of SEALS sent to investigate a missing submarine, but, even worse, by his estranged wife (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Cameron stalwart Michael Biehn also gives a gleefully unhinged performance as SEAL leader Lt. Coffey who may not be as trustworthy as he appears...and he doesn't appear trustworthy in the slightest.

I really hope this rumor proves to be true. This movie is one of my absolute favorites and the entire reason why I have a titanium wedding ring. I'll pre-order this sucker the instant it's available.

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