Species is an amazing franchise. Not because it’s good, but because it’s managed to stay alive for fourh movies now, even after the last one skipped theaters and went to DVD. Somebody must be watching it.

I’m not saying the superfluous Species sequels are bad, I haven’t seen them, I’m just surprised that anyone is interested in seeing them. Must be the hot, naked alien factor. I guess that must be it.

Species IV is headed for DVD some time in 2007, and MGM says they aren’t stopping there. They have a total of five movies planned for the sci-fi/horror franchise. But first we’ve got to get past the fourth one.

The first trailer for the new direct to DVD film has leaked out onto the internet, and we’ve got it for you below thanks to a heads up from the guys over at FilmStalker. It has all the usual things you’d want in a Species trailer. Hot, naked, slimey babe? Check. Tentacles? Check. Malcolm from Star Trek: Enterprise… whaaa? Yep, former Enterprise security officer Dominic Keating is in this and good for him.

Watch the new Species IV trailer by clicking play on the vid below:

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