We'll never know what this past summer's espionage thriller Salt would have looked like with Tom Cruise in the lead role, rather than the woman who eventually replaced him, Angelina Jolie. (Unless you've read the original script, in which case the answer is, "Pretty much exactly the same but with the gender swapped.") But we do know how the final product turned out: a solidly entertaining, though hardly groundbreaking, trek through territory already well-trodden by Bourne, Bauer, and Bond. Angelina makes a decent enough action hero, assuming you can convince yourself that those toothpick limbs are capable of dishing out all the ass-kicking she does during the film, but Salt suffers from a late-game twist that won't surprise any but the most inattentive of viewers. Still, it's a decent summer action flick, and worth checking out when it hits Blu-ray and DVD this December 21st.

If you didn't catch any of the omnipresent trailers at the time, Salt stars Jolie as CIA agent Evelyn Salt, whose loyalty is sorely tested when a defecting Russian operative names her as a double agent. She goes on the run to clear her name, but the deeper she digs, the more she realizes that the truth may not be what she expects. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release Salt in three different versions: a Deluxe Unrated Edition Blu-ray for $34.95, a Deluxe Unrated Edition DVD for $28.96, and a Theatrical Edition DVD for $28.96. Sony hasn't released cover art yet, but we've got the disc specs below.

DVD and Blu-Ray Bonus Features
  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • “The Ultimate Female Action Hero”
  • “Spy Disguise: The Looks of Evelyn Salt”
  • Radio Interview with Director Phillip Noyce

Exclusive Blu-Ray Bonus Features
  • “SALT: Declassified -- An undercover look at the secrets of making Salt
  • “The Real Agents”
  • “The Modern Master of the Political Thriller: Phillip Noyce”
  • “False Identity: Creating a New Reality”
  • movieIQ
  • Spy Cam: Picture-in-Picture Track -- Discover how the stunts and action were created. With pre-visualization sequences, storyboards, and behind-the-scenes interviews with filmmakers, cast, and crew you can uncover the truth behind Salt!

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