The upcoming Blu-Ray release of the Back to the Future trilogy promises a lot of new behind-the-scenes details for all the hardcore fans, but one of the most exciting new revelations has already leaked online. A segment from a featurette on the Blu-Ray set reveals, for the first time, footage of Eric Stoltz playing Marty McFly. Director Robert Zemeckis had originally wanted to cast Michael J. Fox, but when his Family Ties shooting schedule got in the way, they brought on Stoltz instead. After 5 weeks of filming Zemeckis and producer Steven Spielberg agreed that it wasn't working, fired Stoltz and Fox worked nearly around the clock to shoot Back to the Future and Family Ties simultaneously.

We don't actually get to hear Stoltz say any of the famous lines or anything at all, really, but it's truly bizarre to see him walking around inside Doc's house, getting a gander at George McFly at the cafe counter or walking stunned around downtown Hill Valley. Check out the clip below. We'll have the full review of the Back to the Future trilogy Blu-Ray coming very very soon, before the official October 26 release date.

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