Some Game Of Thrones Fans Are Complaining About House Of The Dragon’s Opening Credits Sequence, But Others Disagree

House of the Dragon's Paddy Considine
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After House of the Dragon's notably bloody first episode, the second episode offered a bit of levity when the HBO spinoff finally showed off its flashy opening credits sequence. HBO spent a lot of money on HOTD and it showed here; but the blood spewing about and more did not have every fan pleased. It also seems that some --though not all -- Game of Thrones fans are not happy about the prequel reusing GOT's iconic opening structure and theme song. 

The main complaints about the opening sequence to House of the Dragon are that a. the new show reused the same theme song of the previous show and that b. the use of blood in the intro is, which was,  as one Twitter user put it “corny.” 

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Others seem much more bent out of shape about the fact the theme song is being re-used and don't seem too upset about the blood use, with one Twitter user likening what the show is doing to a fake Cheers and Frasier example. 

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Someone else chimed in below that Tweet to not, “Or the Jeffersons used the All in the Family theme?” But I do think the point this Twitter user is trying to make is moot, because House of the Dragon can and did do exactly this with no one stopping them. One Twitter user also feels the show has a great composer on board and re-use is a waste of Ramin Djawadi's talents. 

I think the opening credits should have featured new music. I understand the nostalgia, but you have Ramin Djawadi, let him WORK & CREATE. Music when Syrax arrives at Dragonstone still echoes in my mind. Its HAUNTING. The blood scroll tho? Perfection.

The good news? Not everyone is a hater. Some fans recognize, first and foremost, the original track’s a banger.  For them, “Game of Thrones Theme” or “Main Titles”  doesn’t need to be improved on and it doesn’t need to change. What were people hoping? They’d do the same song but with only brass instruments? (Actually, one reporter suggested the same theme song but adding a “Lizzo flute.” Yes, really.) 

Yet, another Twitter user “respects” the eff out of the show for recognizing that you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken. 

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Next, just because something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. In fact, those tweets celebrating the new opening seem to be finding a large swathe of likes. There are quite a few people celebrating by sharing the credits along with their thoughts. 

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My favorite tweet about Episode 2 in general is probably this meme though. 

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Next week, Episode 3 will be hitting the HBO and streaming schedule for HBO Max subscribers. We’ll have to wait and see what additional surprises are in store, but I particularly liked how House of the Dragon chose to save time in Episode 1 and wait for Episode 2 to share this one way the series will tie-in with its predecessor Game of Thrones. Hopefully there will be more GOT nods in subtle ways that will keep people interested amongst all the political gameplay and those much better looking CGI dragons. We'll be watching, either way.

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