Who doesn't love Mario Kart 64? That's a question that could only be answered with sincerity by the most cynical, jaded, dark-hearted human being to ever walk the planet. A timeless classic and an ageless wonder from the era of the N64, Mario Kart 64 is a kart game that still holds a near and dear place in the hearts of gamers the world around for a number of reasons, and this list kind of rolls them all out for those of stricken with a bit of nostalgia, or those of us eagerly awaiting the release of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U, which is due out this May.

There's no sense in wasting time, let's get to the nitty gritty and rekindle some of our love for one of the Nintendo's greatest games ever, and easily one of the best kart racing titles that the company has ever produced throughout the long and illustrious tenure as one of the greatest game makers out there.

Great Handling
Mario Kart 64 has been known the world around for a couple of great features... well, technically, many great features. The one feature that stands out for the game, even to this very day, is the excellent handling. Back in the 90s it was rare to find a 3D arcade racer with solid handling. Even classics like Crusin' USA and San Francisco rushed suffered from what I like to call the cardboard box on butter syndrome, where the vehicles felt as if they were floating over butter instead of gripping the track. Nintendo found a way around this problem with Mario Kart 64 by using multi-directional sprites instead of 3D models, to help give the game a solid feeling of physical handling and grip, and it's probably one of the best designed arcade physic systems for a kart racer.

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