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Curious what it's like to die of cold? Curious about the process of dying from overexposure to freezing temperatures? Well, you're in luck because the newest trailer that's been publicly released for Lost Planet 3 rolls out a horrifying depiction of what happens when the cold takes over and you freeze to death.

That was a very informative and somewhat disturbing trailer. It certainly makes you think differently about dealing with the cold. You'll probably double layer your socks the next time you have to venture out and put some extra thick mittens on when winter hits your neck of the woods.

Anyway, that trailer above really didn't do much to make Lost Planet 3 seem worthwhile. The game, so far, seems to be a huge step back from Lost Planet 2 in terms of content, unlockables, mechs, weapons and multiplayer versatility. Then again, maybe there's a lot more to the game than what's on display in most trailers. In fact, check out this trailer below to get an idea of how much has been removed and condensed in this sequel.

All the random VS scattered about stages have been axed. Easily they were one of the best parts about the second game.

The four player cooperative has been axed. Easily, I had tons of fun playing the second game in co-op with random strangers from around the world.

The custom character modification and unlock system has been scrapped. This here is one of the main reasons why I replayed the second game so many times over, just to earn points and unlock new upgrades, skins and gear for my character. With this feature gone how on Earth does Capcom expect to keep people playing the game after they beat it the first time around?

Also, that's not to mention that adding more storyboard sequences and cinematic dialogue easily breaks the momentum of the game. One of the best parts about Lost Planet 2 was how far removed the story was from the gameplay, so that gamers could get in and go, having only the most basic cinematic sequences available (and some awesome ones at that) to keep the game moving along like a quickly paced B-movie monster flick.

I fear that making the game oriented around a character and focusing on a progressive will easily kill off a lot of the replay values and the pace to which the replay can be enjoyed (for instance, it's easier to hop into and replay GTA: Vice City than it is to replay GTA: IV due to the story pacing).

Hopefully Lost Planet 3 doesn't play the way the trailers make it look (which would be an odd twist of fate if that were true), as it currently seems to be shaping up to be an 10 – 12 hour single-player run-through with zero replay factors and a throwaway multiplayer mode. For the sake of the brand's success, I sure hope I'm wrong, though.

You can learn more about Lost Planet 3 by paying a visit to the game's official website. The game is set for release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC later this month.

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