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When the team at Dice named the most recent DLC for Battlefield 4 “final stand,” it turns out that they weren’t being all that literal. According to a recent announcement, the team is planning even more content for the massive first-person shooter, even going so far as to ask for fan input on previous favorite maps.

Usually, when a game franchise has a new entry just around the corner, the flow of fresh DLC for the older title runs dry. It looks like that isn’t quite the plan for Battlefield 4, Dice’s most recent entry in the combat game that puts a big focus on vehicles and big, open warzones.

As it turns out, that’s not a very surprising announcement. The next Battlefield game, Hardline, is an over-the-top 1980’s action movie version of cops versus robbers. The maps will likely be a bit smaller, the vehicles will be more practical (street bikes, sports cars, police helicopters) and, judging by the time I spent with the beta earlier this year, the action will flow quite a bit differently.

The size of traditional Battlefield maps and the types of modes they support usually call for a longer bout of tug-of-war, with players battling for control and exploring landscapes where they may not come across a fire fight for several minutes. In Hardline, the game seemed to be all about speed. Whether you’re trying to stop the crooks or attempting to pull off a heist, the game seemed to work best when you got to the action quickly and launched headlong into a shootout.

In other words, even after Hardline launches in early 2015, there will still likely be an audience hungry for the more traditional Battlefield experience. Whether Dice needs to make some more money, wants to support those types of fans, or perhaps a bit of both, it looks like they’re still had at work on creating new content for Battlefield 4.

According to a recent announcement on Dice’s blog, “Final Stand is not the end.”

“With Battlefield 4 Final Stand released, we hope and believe that you will enjoy it together with the rest of the game for a long time,” reads the statement. “However, there is one thing we want to assure you: there is more content coming for Battlefield 4. We will share details on exactly what this new content will be, and when it will arrive, in the near future.”

The announcement goes on to ask for player input regarding said future content, specifically asking which classic maps Battlefield faithfuls would like to see. Take the survey for yourself by clicking right here. Otherwise, stay locked and loaded, soldier, because there’s still plenty of fighting left to do.

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