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Horror fans rejoice, because Konami will be partnering with the merchandise creator, Mondo, to bring a limited supply of more official merchandise for Silent Hill, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night and Contra.

The news comes from Polygon who reports that the three games will be getting soundtracks released on vinyl, limited edition prints and collectibles.

The first release from Mondo will include a pair of art prints for Silent Hill and Castlevania. There will only be 200 of the art prints sold at $40 each. But while only 200 of the regular prints will be sold for Silent Hill and Castlevania, the alternatively-colored prints seen on Polygon’s article will cost $20 more at $60 and will only sell 100. Then, later on in the year, Mondo will put out a limited edition vinyl record of the original Castlevania soundtrack and a statue from Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. There are also more vinyl soundtracks hoping to be released later on for other Castlevania games. Vinyl soundtracks are expected to be released for Contra and Silent Hill as well.

I’ve been waiting a long time for more official Silent Hill merchandise and I was beginning to believe with the downfall of Silent Hills, that there would never be another lick of official merch created ever again. I’m glad Konami is doing this, probably in hopes to win back their fans after the falling out between them and Hideo Kojima after letting him go from the company. I’ll consider it, Konami.

The art print sales will begin tomorrow at a random time and will be announced on the Mondo Twitter page. If you’d like more information or to buy a print when it’s available, you can check out Mondo’s website.

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