Playdead Studio has been silent for quite a while. However, they recently made a big comeback during this year's E3 by unveiling a brand new video during Microsoft's press conference, and you can see the first gameplay video for the new title, Inside.

Kotaku posted up the video above and did a brief write-up on the game, praising it from "top to bottom" due to its somber atmosphere, macabre themes and impeccably animated characters.

The video and the article both draw comparisons to Playdead's Xbox Live Arcade title from 2010, Limbo. The similitude of perspective and puzzle solving is very apparent between both games.

The actual game sees players in the role of a little boy trying to escape from some people trying to kill him. I don't know why exactly the people are trying to kill him and Kotaku doesn't explain it, and during the Microsoft E3 press conference Playdead certainly did not delineate what gamers do or why.

The art-style is very similar to black and white horror-themed photography. There are a lot of contrasting black and whites set against each other, with only light and desaturated elements of specific colors. It's very, very much like Limbo for anyone who has played it.

It's hard to compare it to any other game on the market at the moment, but I suppose one could say it's somewhat similar to other games that mimicked Limbo, such as Toby: The Secret Mine and Badland, both of which also delve deeply into an aesthetic that is melancholy and somewhat unnerving.

According to the Kotaku piece, the game features some rather dark themes with a lot of death and malice afoot. I have absolutely no idea what's going on, but the themes and art-style are intriguing nonetheless.

It's impossible, from the little footage that we can see above, to give any sort of gauge as to how good the game is, but the animations are absolutely top notch. The use of lighting and the directional 3D sound effects are absolutely on point.

Gamers who have been craving more side-scrolling puzzle games will not be left wanting, that's for sure. According to the article you can beat Inside in one sitting but it's still going to take you more than several hours to do so. If you've been putting in time with games like Teslagrad and Vessel, you'll likely find yourself at home with Playdead's newest title.

I like the grounded experience that they seem to be going for. Based on the footage it doesn't appear to be a game where you have super powers or magical abilities (although, maybe that changes later on?) the thrill of attempting to escape simple threats like guys with guns or guys trying to chase you down and choke the life out of you is thrilling enough to make you want to escape.

You can look for Inside to launch for the Xbox One starting June 29th and for Windows on the Windows Store and Steam starting July 7th.

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