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After Sony's press conference on Monday, many people were left in awe and with questions. Where was PlayStation Neo? While there had been a collection of many surprising and satisfying game announcements, Sony had never mentioned PlayStation Neo. But even with those questions, the press conference didn't even need a new console announcement, and they knew it.

One of the biggest announcements of the Sony E3 Press Conference was probably the long-awaited news that Sony and Activision were going to bring Crash Bandicoot fans a remastered collection of the classic first, second and third games. For years,Crash Bandicoot fans have been dissecting each little leak or tidbit of information that may have indicated some sort of Crash Bandicoot revival. After Cinema Blend reported on Dr. Neo Cortex's vague hint of a return and NeoGaf's discovery of the "Crash" edition of Skylanders Imaginators (and don't forget Uncharted's fantastic Crash Bandicoot scene), everyone was afraid to hope that Crash was coming back.

But that wasn't the only amazing announcement at the Sony Press Conference. There were so many promising games, so many things to look forward to in the coming years like Resident Evil: Biohazard for VR and a new God Of War that appears to be totally different than any other God Of War game ever created. Detroit: Become Human finally made another appearance with a heart-wrenching demo of how player choice will ultimately decide the outcome of the game (like its predecessor from Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls).

So many that I completely forgot about PlayStation Neo. So that begs the question, would the Neo have been too much?

Sony did admit that they were surprised to see Microsoft announce a new and much stronger console over a year ahead of schedule, something to compete with the PlayStation Neo, but was that just something to compete against PlayStation's VR headset coming out this fall?

Sony's press conference was so good, they didn't need a big console announcement to make fans excited. As someone said on the Gaming Blend Facebook page, they shut up and let their games do the talking---and it worked. PlayStation stole E3 with their incredible line-up, something that blew Forza, Halo Wars 2 and Gears Of War 4 out of the water. While Xbox took time to show off hardware like the Play Anywhere setup (play Xbox games on PC or console) and the controller design feature, Sony was busy rolling out game after game after game of delectable and engaging narratives and non-stop action. It was like the next thing was better than the last and it kept getting better. This year, I think Sony won E3 and they did so without having to officially announce a new console---and that's when you know you're proud of the games you represent.