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Everyone who remembers that DVR feature that is never coming to Xbox One, please raise your hand. Not so fast, chumps! It looks like the possibility of that particular functionality isn't necessarily off of the table for good.

In a recent conversation with the folks over at Gamespot, Xbox General Manager Dave McCarthy said that you can never say never with these types of things and, while the DVR functionality is currently on hold for the Xbox One, it might pop up again someday.

For those who feel the need to properly document the order of these events, Microsoft announced during Gamescom 2015 that DVR functionality would be coming to the Xbox One sometime this year. This was touted as a free add-on to the console, allowing gamers who didn't want to take a break from Halo or Gears of War to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones or, um, Cake Boss(?) to simply record their shows directly to the Xbox One without ever having to leave the game or rely on outside hardware. You needed to be a subscriber to whatever service you wanted to record from, of course, but that would be the only outside cost for the functionality.

This all took place during the height of Microsoft's push to make the Xbox One into more of a be all, end all multimedia device. You can stream live television to the Xbox One, for instance, but you need additional hardware to take care of all of that DVR business. With that functionality already on-board, Microsoft aimed to give you even fewer reasons to ever turn off your Xbox One or use other devices.

According to McCarthy, it was a "tough decision" to cut plans for DVR functionality on the Xbox One, which was announced as kaput earlier this year. To be clear, it was said that the functionality was on hold, as far as development is concerned, which translated to "never gonna happen" in the ears of most.

McCarthy said that the team at Xbox is always listening to its users, though, so they might ramp up work in the area again someday. Unsurprisingly, it became a matter of: Where do we want to spend our resources? If folks were clamoring for other functionality or exclusive games, why would Microsoft put too much effort into getting an on-board DVR off the ground?

If the Xbox team is misreading its audience, though, then McCarthy said that folks should speak up and let them know. Take to Twitter, Facebook or wherever else you like to scream into the ether and let Microsoft know you're still clamoring for DVR on Xbox One, and maybe you'll see it made available someday.

There's also an Xbox feedback page you could hit up, in case you want to make sure your two cents are taken into account.

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