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At E3 this year, Beyond: Two Souls' developer Quantic Dream and creator of the upcoming Detroit: Become Human, debuted a new clip from the game. The clip gave us more insight into the gameplay mechanics and the emotional toil of the narrative. And in an interview with David Cage, PlayStation was able to find out more information on the narrative behind Detroit: Become Human.

In a brief interview, creator David Cage goes on to describe the tone of a futuristic Detroit were humans rely on androids to get jobs done and face overwhelming unemployment numbers because of it. As is with this type of age-old story, society is divided between those who are human and those who are android, and one droid is shaking things up.

Meet one of the protagonists, Kara, who feels like she was meant to be more than someone's slave. And at E3, we were introduced to another protagonist, Connor, who revealed in the gameplay clip that he is on a totally different train of thought than Kara. While Kara wants to be free, Connor believes androids were made to serve humans and that things should stay like they are. It seems while mankind is divided between android and human being, androids are also divided on whether they deserve freedom or not, furthering the already-dystopian society.

It's still not completely clear how all of this is going to tie in together because in Beyond: Two Souls, you only took control of one character (not counting Aiden): Jodie. So I'm wondering if Connor is really a protagonist in the story behind Detroit: Become Human, or will he become a villain, someone to stand in the way of Kara's need for freedom?

I'm a huge fan of David Cage's games mainly for their beautiful narrative design and intricate storytelling that just envelops you and consumes you until you're thinking about it constantly. And you really know the game is doing its job when you start dreaming about the game's story.

Detroit: Become Human doesn't have an official release date yet, but there have been reports that the game will not be coming out in 2016, so we can guess that it's set for a release sometime in 2017. For more information, you can visit the official website.

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