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Halo 5

There will be no more massive free expansions for Halo 5: Guardians released on a monthly basis. The Xbox One exclusive will continue to receive updates and DLC, but after the latest free expansion, things will be changing for 343 Industries first-person shooter.

Gamespot picked up the news from over on Halo Waypoint, where 343 Industries discussed the road they've traveled with the free updates for Halo 5, and the road ahead.

343 mentions in the Halo Waypoint blog post...

While you won't be seeing updates every month moving forward, nor updates the size of the Warzone Firefight release, we're happy to let you know that there's still more on the way. Things we have yet to talk about or discuss. Things that I have seen, and I think you will like. These and more are in the works, so in short, there is indeed more to come. Rest easy.

So there you have it. The Halo 5 Warzone Firefight update will be the last of its kind, but it doesn't mean that there won't be more updates... because there will be more updates.

They don't really go into detail about what they have planned, but they obviously want to keep the Halo 5 community fostered and growing.

While Halo 5 got off to a rocky start when it launched last year, Microsoft and 343 showcased a rare commitment to the release by constantly rolling out new content for the game while they presumably are already hard at work on Halo 6.

The story for Halo 5 was the most criticized, given that a lot of people felt misled by the marketing for the game, which promised a really big, epic showdown between Master Chief and Spartan Locke. However, the actual fight was just a short segment where Chief and Locke squared off and Locke managed to bust up Chief's helmet while Chief pretty much owned Locke and disabled him briefly.

Throughout the campaign a lot of people were hoping the two would square off again -- maybe in a squad versus squad fight, but that didn't actually happen. Instead, things kind of tapered off in a nice, neat little way with a bow on top while setting up Halo 6's main villain.

Despite the disappointment with the story, 343 managed to rally some huge positivity on the multiplayer front, especially with the Warzone mode, which featured massive teams going head to head against each other while the AI bombarded the map with their own enemy forces. Warzone is an epic three-way dance of mayhem.

343 garnered even more brownie points with the recent, free release, of Warzone Firefight, which added a cooperative, wave-based element to the multiplayer mode, adding more maps, more modes and more ways to play. The free update was definitely sizable enough to nearly warrant a $10 price tag.

343 isn't done with the mode, though. They plan on iterating, fixing and updating it to better reflect what the community wants out of it.

While the Halo 5 story may have fallen flat in many of the most anticipated areas, the multiplayer mode seems to be a work of great passion for 343 Industries, and the community seems to be very receptive of their efforts. We'll have to wait and see what they have planned next for Halo 5 beyond the Warzone Firefight updates to see how they're going to keep the community invested in the Xbox One's shooter.

I'm sure the free Halo 5 Forge map maker for Windows 10 will be a real crowd-pleaser, especially since you won't need Xbox Live Gold to use Forge.

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