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Killer Instinct

If you've been putting off jumping into Killer Instinct, your patience is being rewarded with a rather, ahem, killer deal. Microsoft has announced all of the goodies that will come with Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition, as well as a release date that's not too far over the horizon.

If you're looking to dive into the most complete package of Killer Instinct goodness to date, then you'll only need to wait until Sept. 20 to step into the arena. That's when Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition will hit store shelves, setting you back just $39.99 for a whole bunch of content that should make any fighting fan smile. You can even pre-order the game now on Amazon, just in case you want to make sure you get a copy when the game finally drops in a couple of months.

Killer Instinct began life a few generations back, wowing fighting fanatics in arcades and on consoles like the Super Nintendo. After fading into obscurity for a while, the series made a huge comeback in 2014 with the arrival of Killer Instinct, a downloadable exclusive for the Xbox One.

Rather than buy a full-price fighting game with a whole bunch of playable characters, players were given the choice of either buying Killer Instinct's pugilists piece meal or purchasing them in the form of three "seasons."

The upcoming Definitive Edition of Killer Instinct includes everything from those first three seasons of the game, including a whopping 26-character roster and all 20 stages. But that's not all. According to the announcement, this Definitive Edition includes copies of both Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2, as well as a soundtrack for the game and a special skin, Gold Gargos.

You'll be able to get all of that for just 40 bucks this September, which is a pretty hefty savings over purchasing everything individually. There's the added bonus of having a disc and a box, too, for those of you who like to keep your media physical.

If, however, you're willing to fork over a little more cash, then you can grab the Supreme Edition of Killer Instinct for $49.99. That'll get you all of the characters and stages, as well as every in-game costume, accessory and some extra goodies like 18,000 KI Gold and a VIP 2 experience boost.

The game has certainly been a fan favorite these past couple of years, partially thanks to all of those great characters, both original and cameos, that keep getting added to the game. Since a survey has been going around asking players what types of characters they'd like to see added to the game next, we imagine a fourth season could be on its way. In other words, now is a dandy time to dive into Killer Instinct and, at this price, it's probably going to be harder than ever to pass up.

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