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It's been a long haul to the launch of No Man's Sky, but the final countdown has begun. Still, many are left wondering what they'll actually be doing once they step into the game's nearly infinite universe. According to this latest video, combat will be one of the key components.

Hello Games today released a new video in its "Guides to the Galaxy" series focused on the main components that make up the adventuring loop in No Man's Sky. This latest offering is simply called "Fight" and, big surprise, it focuses on all of the combat you'll be able to enjoy while cruising from planet to planet.

In the trailer, we're promised "epic space battles," then shown scenes from the cockpit of a ship that's taking shots at enemy crafts and a massive rig that probably should be left the heck alone. We also get to see some of the different weapon systems on display here, including your standard machine gun fire and a green beam of energy that lances out in front of the ship. There's also some big, blue projectiles being lobbed about and, if you pay extra close attention, one of the exploding enemy craft seems to drop a canister that the player ship then picks up. In other words, it looks like you're actually encouraged and rewarded for taking on baddies.

Next up, this latest trek through No Man's Sky drops us onto a planet, where we're told we'll have to "fight to survive." Again, we see a bunch of robot enemies taking shots at the player who then opens up with an arsenal of their own. The guns look like they'd feel right at home in Halo or Destiny and seem to offer a nice variety of firing types. We also see the player shooting at some of the alien life on the planet surface, which just seems uncalled for.

According to the Combat trailer, No Man's Sky will have you blasting baddies "from the surface, to the stars," and we're pretty much dying from anticipation to dive in headfirst.

As you may recall, No Man's Sky was supposed to launch this past June, but the team decided to take a bit of extra time to nail things down and wrap up a legal battle over the game's name. The game went gold recently and the team is already hard at work on the first update, so don't expect any further delays.

We'll all finally be able to pick up No Man's Sky on August 9 here in North America. Our friends in Europe will have to wait until August 10, with the UK taking to the stars on August 12.

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