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If you're playing the PC version of Overwatch, then you might have noticed that a couple of characters have behaved slightly differently since yesterday, specifically Ana and McCree. That comes to you courtesy of a brand new patch that, outside of tweaking those characters, doesn't really do a heck of a lot.

The patch went live yesterday and the full notes were posted over on Battle.net. Still, we can break the whole thing down for you Overwatch fans quickly so you can get the details and get back into the game.

For starters, let's have a gander at Overwatch's newest combatant, Ana. Many folks consider Ana to be a bit on the weak side, which probably comes from the fact that she straddles the line between offense and defense, rather than specializing in either.

Still, it's nice to see that Blizzard decide to give Overwatch's sniper a bit of a boost with this update. When using her Biotic Rifle, her rate of fire has been increased by 20 percent and the magazine size has been boosted from eight to 10 rounds. Whether you're using those bullets to heal teammates or hurt enemies, you'll be able to get the job done more efficiently now.

The comments from the developer fall in line with the buzz around the internet, too. Folks seem to like Ana, but she's usually dropped due to being "a little bit weaker overall."

As for McCree, he's received a few more tweaks than Ana. For starters, his Peacemaker's primary fire damage falloff range has been decreased by 10 meters, while the amount remains unchanged. The notes point out that, even with this adjustment, McCree's effective range is still higher than it was when Overwatch first launched.

As for his alternate fire, the rate of fire has been increased by 15 percent, so that should help even things out a little bit. Also, McCree's flashbang has been adjusted, decreasing from .5 seconds to .35 seconds so, again, you'll be able to pop those off a bit more quickly.

According to the Blizzard squad, McCree received another update recently that upped his range, but it was a bit too powerful for their liking, hence the extra adjustment. Those changes to Flashbang and the alt fire should make him a little more formidable in close quarters.

Whether you're for or against these changes, it's clear that Blizzard is paying close attention to player feedback when it comes to Overwatch and will continue to make adjustments as needed. If you don't like what's been done, drop them a line. If enough people feel the same way, maybe they'll tweak things further.

Otherwise, if you've played post-patch, we'd be interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below. Did the changes bring better balance to Overwatch, or was Ana or McCree needlessly boosted/nerfed?