Agent 47's Next Mission Will Let You Murder A Pop Star, Get The Details


Hitman's Agent 47 is about ready to embark on his fourth episodic adventure in Bangkok and, in it, you'll actually be tasked with popping a cap in a pop star for one of the main missions.

The latest entry in the Hitman series has been an interesting experiment on the part of publisher Square Enix. Rather than release a game containing all of the missions, Agent 47's latest batch of assignments have been brought out piecemeal, giving players the time to dive into and pick apart each chapter before moving on to the next.

In his latest mission, it looks like one of Agent 47's primary targets will be a pop star by the name of Jordon Cross. He just so happens to be in the area, and you just so happen to need to track him down and end his diabolical ways. To be fair, we assume making pop music is not the worst of his crimes if Agent 47 has been put on the case.

For some added fun, here's a look at Cross' band's latest music video, which Square Enix launched earlier today to get folks pumped for the next mission.

According to the publisher, you'll need to track Cross down in the Himmapan hotel, settled in the heart of Bangkok. As far as Hitman targets go, someone like Cross might seem like a bit of an outlier. You're typically hunting down corrupt world leaders, crooked military operatives and shady-as-hell businessmen and mobsters, after all.

Whatever his crimes, Cross might actually be one of your toughest targets yet. The newest Hitman missions have done a great job of utilizing its environments to the fullest, and a crowded hotel in an utterly crowded city might prove to be a tricky task for infiltration. As far as security goes, world-famous pop stars already have tighter security than, say, the President of the United States. If said pop star is also into some dirty dealings, you better believe his protection detail is going to be world class killers. We would, of course, expect nothing less of a Hitman mission.

If you're eagerly waiting on Episode 4 to land in Hitman, then you've only got a little more time to suffer through. Square Enix said it's due to drop on August 16 on all platforms, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

As for what comes next for the latest Hitman game, it sounds like the end of the journey is in sight. Unless Square Enix makes a surprise announcement, there are only five episodes currently planned for the game and, as mentioned above, this assault on a pop star will be the fourth.

So tell us, dear readers: How are you enjoying Hitman these days? Any thoughts on the upcoming hunt for Cross? Let us know in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.