A New DC Villain May Be Coming To Injustice 2

Red Hood from Batman: Arkham Knight

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Ed Boon, the studio head at NetherRealm Studios, has been teasing and testing the waters on social media for new characters that could make the roster for Injustice 2. One of the characters Boon has been asking the gaming audience about is the Red Hood.

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Polling the gaming audience on Twitter about the appearance of Jason Todd or the Joker's Red Hood incarnation was a good way to get gamers riled up and asking for more information.

Even though Injustice 2 is an entire year away from release, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have been promoting and talking up the game's features since it was announced and made an early appearance just ahead of this year's E3.

Ed Boon teasing the inclusion of the Red Hood already has a lot of gamers excited, and a few of them were asking if NetherRealm would dabble into another one of the Red Hood's alter egos... The Arkham Knight.

For those of you not in the know, Rocksteady Studios took the Jason Todd story and flipped it on its head, having Todd become a facilitator of chaos through a mercenary group after enduring tortures and and mind-breaking experiences following his supposed death. The Arkham Knight was always suspected to be Jason Todd, but it was a well written character for what it was outside of the typical arc involving Todd's death at the hands of the Joker and his rebirth at the hands of Ra's Al Ghul.

Some gamers are hoping that NetherRealm Studios includes the Arkham Knight as an alternate skin for the Red Hood. I'm not sure if Warner Bros. and DC own the Arkham Knight or if it belongs to Rocksteady Studios, but it would be really, really cool to see the Arkham Knight appear in Injustice 2. He has one of the coolest looking designs in the DC Universe, and it would be an absolute shame if they didn't take advantage of his appearance in Batman: Arkham Knight.

The Red Hood would definitely fit in well with the rest of the Injustice 2 universe. The added bonus of being able to play through the game and unlock new parts, armor and equipment for each of the characters also opens up huge possibilities for these characters. In the case of the Red Hood, it definitely makes you wonder if his entire Arkham Knight getup could be made available as something to be unlocked through gameplay.

Worst case scenario is that the Arkham Knight suit is owned by Rocksteady and they won't let NetherRealm use it (which would be a dire shame). Next worst case scenario is that the Arkham Knight suit is limited to paid DLC post-release. I can definitely see them making that outfit paid DLC because a lot of people loved it from Batman: Arkham Knight. The best case scenario is that you'll be able to play through Injustice 2 and unlock the pieces to make the Arkham Knight armor, which would be really cool if that happened.

For now, though, all we know is that Ed Boon is testing the waters by asking people which Red Hood they would like to see in the game. We'll have to wait for more info on Injustice 2 before we know for sure if the popular and disturbed anti-hero will make an appearance in the game.

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