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We're just a couple weeks out from the launch of ReCore, which means it's time to take a gander at the game's rather magical launch trailer. You can take a look below.

First shown off during the E3 2015 Microsoft press conference, ReCore comes from the team at Comcept, the home of Keiji Inafune. While Inafune and Co. may not have set the world on fire with their Kickstarted drama queen, Mighty No. 9, it's important to remember that the guy is also the father of Mega Man so, yeah, he knows how to build a rad game about robots.

ReCore is an Xbox One and PC exclusive and, in case you need a day to circle on your calendar, it will finally arrive for those platforms on Sept. 13. That puts us just under two weeks out from cruising around a wasteland with a robot companion at our side.

The game stars Joule Adams, who discovers that the world of Far Eden isn't as empty as it first appears to be. To survive, Joule will need to solve puzzles, undertake some tricky platforming and rely on a slew of Corebot companions, robots that can be powered by a glowing blue core that keeps following her around.

The Core can move from bot to bot, giving the player the opportunity to pick which mechanized familiar will best suit their current needs. If nothing else, ReCore is bright, colorful and seems pretty original, which is something this current game's generation could use a lot more of.

If having the legendary Inafune tied to the project isn't enough to get you excited, then maybe the fact that the Metroid Prime team is responsible for ReCore will. The Prime games were fantastic and, the more I think about it, the more ReCore feels like a third-person, intriguing new take on that Metroid experience.

As for the ReCore trailer, the game certainly looks rather lovely. We see Joule and one of her Core-powered companions inspecting a scrap heap in the middle of the desert. As the action picks up, the voice of Joule's father serves as the narration, the brilliant inventor giving his daughter some words of encouragement.

But, you'll clearly need more than encouragement to survive in ReCore, which is where the Corebots come into play.

There are nowhere near enough big, meaty platformers out there these days, and the entire second half of the ReCore launch trailer gives me reason to believe that the upcoming Xbox/PC exclusive is going to fill that gap quite nicely. Fingers crossed that the final product ends up being as good as this final trailer makes it look.

So, readers, what are your thoughts on ReCore? Does it look like your idea of a good time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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