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When Gears of War 4 lanches on Oct. 11, it'll come packed with everybody's favorite cooperative romp, Horde Mode. You don't need to wait two months to see the mode in action, though, as we've tracked down nearly 20 minutes of gameplay for you to take a gander at.

The folks over at The Razored Edge got to spend some time with Gears of War 4's Horde Mode 3.0, which pits five soldiers against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. The object of the mode is simple: Use your wits, weapons, and helpful gadgets to defend yourselves for as long as possible against up to 50 rounds of enemy encounters.

Quite a bit is changing for Gears' Horde Mode this time around, though, and it sounds like it's all for the better. You'll see a lot of those changes on display in the above video, but here's a quick rundown for those of you who aren't yet up to speed.

Outside of the fully cooperative campaign and the usual mix of competitive modes, Gears of War 4 asks players to venture to new locations and fight against seemingly unending waves of enemy encounters in Horde Mode 3.0. New to this entry of the mode is a card-based skill unlock system. There's nothing better than a bit of customization to keep things interesting, and Gears 4 offers exactly that. As you level up in Horde Mode, you'll gain access to new cards and more slots, all of which give you an edge in battle. Starting off with just one card to boost your character, you'll eventually be able to equip around a dozen, all of which will give you more ammo, faster movement, extra gear and the like. Figure out how you like to play and use your cards to build on your strengths and cover your weaknesses.

Speaking of customization, this latest version of Horde Mode boasts a class-based system, also new to the Gears universe. Players will be able to choose between standard setups like the Engineer, Soldier, Scout, Heavy and Sniper, each offering their own strengths, weaknesses, starting gear and abilities. Once you add in a few cards, you can really craft a soldier to your liking.

In Gears 4, you'll need to lug around a "Fabricator" to produce barriers and extra weapons. It takes two players to haul the thing, but it's totally worth it. Barriers in Gears 4 can now be placed just about anywhere, rather than at set locations, and they can even be stacked for more robust protection.

Based on what we've heard and what we're seeing in this early footage , it looks like the Gears team has given Horde Mode a good, hard look and asked themselves what can be done in order to make it better than ever. Fingers crossed that all of that effort has paid off.

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