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Famous director James Gunn, known for the blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy, recently sent out a small social media image featuring a custom Xbox One controller themed after the sci-fi adventure movie and it's already getting a lot of attention.

Got my new #Xbox controller in the colors of the Milano. #GotG

A photo posted by James Gunn (@jamesgunn) on

The image of the controller was posted up on Gunn's Instagram account. The controller has a deep cobalt blue cover, with a silverish gray digital pad, gun-metal black analog sticks, and the typical blue, yellow, green and red face buttons. The top of the controller has an orange palette that bleeds into the back cover of the controller, which is also orange.

According to Gunn, he mentions that the colors are representative of the Milano, the custom spaceship that Star Lord and the other guardians used to travel around in throughout the movie. The ship is a mixed splash of cobalt, yellowish orange and silver.

The Instagram post by Gunn garnered more than 10 thousand likes as of the writing of this article. A lot of people were asking Gunn to take a photo of his Xbox One because they wanted to see if it, too, was a custom console like the Guardians of the Galaxy custom Xbox One controller.

There were even a few people begging Gunn for a price tag on the controller because they wanted to buy it!

The custom controller isn't the only one for the Xbox One. Microsoft's system has been subject to a lot of controller modding and custom liveries thanks to the ergonomic design and cool color scheme possibilities. In fact, there are several outlets that specialize in customizing Xbox One controllers, from Decal Girl to Controller Chaos; there's a design out there suited for everyone.

The Xbox Elite Controllers are especially susceptible to customization, with communities centered around modifying the sticks, buttons and liveries to suit their style. It's one of the few things that Microsoft did right from the start, and they fostered a strong community of controller customization that has helped build up a healthy ecosystem of creativity within the Xbox community.

In fact, the official Xbox Twitter account responded to James Gunn and his custom Milano controller, showing Rocket Raccoon with the controller in a cool splash poster with the caption "But what if I want it more?"

There are plenty of jokes to be had and lots of good cheer going on in that Twitter thread, as a lot of people get in on the festivities regarding a famous Hollywood director showing his love of gaming.

Sadly Gunn doesn't say exactly where he got the controller from or how much it costs, but I'm sure many gamers won't stop bugging him until he spills the beans, since a lot of people love Guardians of the Galaxy and I'm sure they would love to get their hands on their very own custom GOTG controller for the Xbox One.

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