One character who has consistently been talked about within the circles of Overwatch's community is the mysterious Sombra. She's been in headlines since Blizzard first teased the announcement of Ana. Well, now a new leak has indicated that we may have an idea of what Sombra will look like.

Game Informer compiled a list of information centering around the reveal of a character named Sombra, who will presumably have ties with the Los Muertos gang who appeared (and were handily defeated) by Soldier 76 in his short film. The information was supposedly uncovered by a Russian Overwatch group who discovered some text and an image of Sombra. As indicated by the Official PlayStation Magazine tweet, the image above has been circulating around the social media space, giving gamers a brief look at the upcoming character.

The character appears to be of Mexican descent, given that the Los Muertos gang were located in Mexico. Her outfit carries a similar motif to Widowmaker, only she's more covered up than the Overwatch sniper. Instead of being in purple and black, Sombra is decked out in a cybernetic outfit that's purple and silver. She has some wires running up through her suit and onto her gloves, which could likely play a role in her abilities during the actual gameplay.

As far as her weapons and skills are concerned, there are no details on that. However, the image clearly shows that she has a sub-machine gun in her grasp. The weapon appears to be a larger version of the UZI, sporting a livery similar to her outfit. Some users pointed out that it appears she has mines of some sort on her bandolier, others thought that they might be grenades. The only reason they could be mines over grenades is that they're flat, and typically grenades are more circular. Flat-based explosives are usually designed for sticking to surfaces.

She's, apparently, a hacker, based on the text description, which states, "she will be hacking her way into the build later tonight". It definitely makes you wonder how she's going to tie-in with the Los Muertos gang and what role they may play in the overall universe of Overwatch. If she really is part of the gang then it would make her easily diametrically opposed to the Overwatch group, making her the villain that some suspected her to be when the rumors first started circulating.

According to the leaked image, she originally started off in the gang but then went underground after there was too much attention being paid to her actions. The text cuts off in the image so it's not possible to see what happens to Sombra after she goes underground or what makes her reemerge, but somehow she pops up again to interact with the current events happening in the Overwatch timeline. Again, it's not clear if she's a villain or a good guy, but if she's still part of the gang then she'll likely be a villain.

Originally people thought that Sombra would be Ana, but it turned out that Ana was completely separate. That's not to say that there may not be ties to Ana in some way, because given how deep the lore is in Overwatch there's a possibility of that coming to pass. For now we'll have to wait for Blizzard to officially announce the character to know if that's really how she's going to look and what her abilities will be.

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