Rick And Morty Recreated In Fallout 4 Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

One of the most popular cartoons on these days is Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. The cartoon has managed to find its way into Fallout 4 as a new machinima series, featuring some of the cast of characters from the cartoon and a few of the show's popular weapons.

The video series is being made by YouTube outlet UpIsNotJump, and they released the second episode featuring the eponymous Rick and Morty.

The video series from the YouTube outlet centers around world purge night, which seems to fit into Fallout 4 like a glove. There's an obvious allusion to The Purge film series, which constantly keeps people talking about violent crimes, the legality of them and how our system deals with class warfare.

In the video above, it's actually part two of an ongoing series based on an episode of Rick of Morty. In the four minute piece above we see the dynamic scientific duo attempting to save people during the world purge night. This includes Grandpa Rick blasting heads and shooting down guys who look like they've taken Mad Max: Fury Road cosplaying a little too seriously.

Despite being outnumbered, Rick uses his weapon to lay waste to any of the purgenators attempting to get close to them. The dialogue lip-synching is freaking spot-on, and the direction from UpIsNotJump is superb.

In between Morty trying to save a young girl from the purgers, Rick finds himself enjoying the actual purging by killing a whole bunch of people attempting to kill the girl. The editing during that segment is absolutely brilliant, with Rick blasting off heads and creating plenty of gib while declaring that they're justified in the killings because it's self defense. It's one of the few times when Fallout 4's graphics and gibbing works perfectly in synch with the machinima.

Eventually they head into Rick's ship to escape the purge but the young girl remembers that her Nana is still left down in the dangerous purging zone. So they head back down to rescue Nana and Morty stays in the ship. The girl ends up shooting Rick, stealing his gun, stealing the ship and leaving Rick and Morty to die on the planet that's purging.

I'm not usually into watching game machinima often because the voices are usually off, the animations are usually bad and the action is usually stilted and boring. However, this Rick and Morty machinma done in Fallout 4 is really, really good.

I'm curious what the next episode will be like and hopefully the quality will stay up to par. According to UpIsNotJump, it took around 150 hours to put the video together over the course of three weeks. So making a near five minute episode is not easy work. It's also why they have hundreds of animators working on larger productions so they aren't stuck working on a single episode for an eternity.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.