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One of the worst kept secrets for Blizzard's Overwatch is Sombra, a high-tech hacker specialist with a purple motif and some cyberpunk flair. However, the character has never officially been announced, even with all the leaks that have occurred, including the most recent one.

The image above was posted to imgur through a link on Reddit. The original poster deleted their account apparently but left up the post in the sub-Reddit for Overwatch.

Now some of you might be thinking "There's nothing special about that image, it's just fan art!" The interesting about the post on Reddit, however, is that the original link wasn't to imgur. Imgur was actually a back-up link for the picture of Sombra. The original image was found on the Blizzard store. In fact, the original link -- which has been taken down by Blizzard -- pointed to the poster art labeled as "Sombra fine art" on the Blizzard Gear store in the catalog for Overwatch. According to Game Informer the image was revealed as part of an elaborate ARG and the art is from an artist who works on the game.

The fans instantly began combing the art for possible clues about what her abilities might be. A lot of people think that she might have some sort of puppeteer abilities, controlling minions at her fingertips with her hacking abilities.

If the speculations prove true, Sombra could be similar to the Gadgeteer in Champions Online or other characters in MOBAs that control minions, such as creeper heroes in Dota 2 like the Broodmother or Visage. Some speculate that due to her hacker themes she might be able to control robot minions that fight for her. It wouldn't seem too far-fetched considering the other characters on the Overwatch roster.

Some speculated that Sombra might be able to hijack the robotics in other characters, such as McCree's arm to force them to shut down for a brief time.

Ultimately, we really have no clue at all what her abilities are, but in previously leaked images we did see that Sombra had a sub-machine gun at her disposal. In combination with the recent image, many Overwatch fans are thinking that Sombra will have the ability to control minions but have the sub-machine gun to help fend off attackers who manage to get close.

It's almost impossible to glean any other details out of the character given the limited amount of information we have on her but it's all starting to take shape.

The only thing that hasn't taken shape is an official announcement!

Blizzard has been silent about all the leaks and chatter surrounding Sombra that made its way into the public sphere earlier this year. In fact, Sombra was being talked about before Ana was even announced for Overwatch.

Some are expecting Blizzard to finally unveil the new character at this year's BlizzCon in Anaheim, California, which takes place over the weekend between November 4th and November 5th. Overwatch just recently had a Halloween event that saw some of the characters get a spooky makeover, so we'll see what they have planned for the annual event.

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